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Miriam Fine  Learning by looking. Toronto.


Joy | @katherine_skene & @danagregoire got married & threw an unforgettable party, made with love. From the music to the dance floor moves to the homemade touches to the flowers to the cocktails... every bit of this evening reflected these two amazing humans. So lucky to witness your love, so happy for you!

Design | Too much to say about yesterday's visit to #editdx - immersive, informative, inspiring, invigorating. So lucky to live here / have access / experience this. Design matters.

Grip | The #WillisonWedding feat. perfect weather, lawn games, wine pairings, camp pals, climbing talk, push-ups, dance floor singalongs, top notch speeches & toasts, succulents, PIE.. & love! Huge congrats, @tenorwill & @alibeverly - you've really got a 'hold' on each other, & we're all so happy that you do!

Human | Every month, @toronto_cm gives us a golden opportunity to gather. Expand our perspectives. Ask questions. Acquire creative fuel. & they give us coffee/treats! Invigorating to hear @averyswartz speak about Compassion this morning, & the importance of understanding human experience in tech/design. #cmcompassion #cmto

Hang | Biking with buds is always the right answer. Not ready to let go of our second summer, but change is in the air. Peaceful resistance = continuing to wear shorts for as long as possible. #toronto #humberbridge

Perspective | Sometimes, you just need a long ride, & a cool dip. 🚲🚲🚲 #toronto #cntower

Arrival | Amazing to meet this tiny human, lucky enough to be @staceysilvs & Josh's son, & to have big bro Joey around - not to mention the rest of his clan. Welcome, Myles!!

Remember | When you're too busy singing/cutting a rug to remember your phone, but you're so darn proud of your pals that you need to, you end up with a random assortment of videos to remember #dwayne2000 by. #dwaynegretzky #torontomusic #operahouse

Second | When you're wound up or under pressure, remember this kind of peace is nearby. Cycling is freedom - beautiful escape. & somehow, there always seem to be new places to explore / new trails to get you where you need to go. #tommythompson #toronto #cntower #nofilter #noedit

Set | Second summer has been twice as sweet. Toronto, you're alright by me. #nofilter #noedit #toronto

Leaf | Day 13.5B - From the desert to The Beach. Iconic lifeguard stations. TJ Cool Viet coffee. Design your own t-shirt. $2 fish tacos!!! Surf watch. Big leaves. Delicious dinner at Spare Tire Kitchen. Venice, slum by the sea, I adore you. #venicebeach #ccmccc #infinitecontent

Limit | Day 13.5. Cacti at dawn. Skull Rock. Barker Dam petroglyphs. Adding Toronto to the map at the Park Rock Cafe. Miriam & Calla Go To In 'N Out. #ccmccc #infinitecontent

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