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#tbt Backstage at the 2013 HTCC: Here's a look at the ignition of the giant #potstick created for HTCC @ San Bernardino a few years ago. Before it was handed to B.o.B. on stage, the HTCC celebration began behind the scenes as soon as I got the giant ganja stick burning! I had the most incredible sesh with @breal & the entire @hightimesmagazine staff, at the #hightimes concert event. Writer, @t_h_caeczar_ & I would take turns drinking thick smoke from the Pot Stick, as he can be seen at the end of this clip. He gave me the best compliment of all when he said that my canna sticks, "...taste just like Amsterdam!!" To assemble this memorable ganja baton, I shaped wood slats into canna leaf blades, yet the slats flared out wider as they stretch out toward the 3" diameter burning-end. The slats were shaped so that the strands of smoke actually accelerated within each tapered vent as they neared the mouth piece. To hold it all together, I started with 2 whole wrapped & cured canna cigars. I skewered the 2 cigars & placed a cigar at each end of the middle skewer. The wooden slats were located around the dual cigar core, then filled in with whole nugs to hold the slats in place. Rather than break up the nugs to load them onto the over-sized Thai Stick, I found myself grabbing 2-3 whole nugs at a time to feed them onto the body of the brutal Pot Stick. In total, I used 1.2 Oz of Skywalker, 1 Oz of Jack Herer, 2 Oz's of Blue Dream & 2 Oz's of Holy Grail Og. Next, I saturated half of the hardened canna-mass with 20 tasty Gs Sour Diesel wax. Aside from adding a lemony, soaring lift, this sticky 'wet bed' helped to keep the 6 Gs of the sativa-dominant, 120m hash in place during the outer leaf wrapping. I also lathered 20 Gs of Cherry Pie wax along the length of the other half of the log, which held 6 Gs of indica-hitting, 25m hash over the warm budder. To make sure that there was enough magic lurking beneath the shell of the cann’olympic torch, I used another 15 Gs of Sour D wax as glue to wrap the cured J. Herer leaves. Many thanks to @jerrykrecicki & @greenleafmagazine for their hospitality, & to the lovely @mrs_jetson, for being my partner in crime.
~Have a Beautiful Day~

Ignition of the Blue Dream Canna Cigar: Such was the scene some time ago when @the_successfulstoner torched up his customized canna stick for the first time. This was 1 of 4 identical sticks crafted with Blue Dream as the bud base. Blue Dream is that classic feel-good strain stabilized by the legendary, DJ Short! This hybrid lineage was crossed using 40% Blueberry for the indica & 60% Haze for the sativa. It is the perfect balance for giving you that hazily, giggly feeling that is often associated with smoking cannabis for the very first time. These sticks were designed to leave each patient feeling positively energized. I warmed and spread about 2Gs of Sour Diesel budder on the top & bottom of each stick to provide a constant mind-soaring effect on each of the pretied badboys. These single barrel canna cigars burn at a rate of about 1 inch per hour & guaranteed to last several sessions. Thus, each turbo cigar was loaded with 2 thick bands of Afghan hash across all 4 sticks. The Afghan would provide a soothing anchor to the uplifting effect of the Sour Diesel oil. I left a few hours-worth of blank space in between the two bands of hash, which were then covered with a nice coat of the sativa dominant, Lebonese hash to provide intense brainstorming sessions on alternating days. These 4 canna cigars were then wrapped with Girl Scout Cookie sugar leaves, backed with Blue Dream wax to emphasize the hazy effect of the Blueberry-Haze ensemble. The final fan leaves were provided by flowering Jack Herer trees & wrapped around the sticks using more Sour Diesel budder to complete these green turbine logs... ~Have a Blessed Friday Night~ 👉Be sure to give @the_successfulstoner a follow, for daily inspirational quotes mixed with imaginative cannabis imagery! 👌 [Track: Eek-A-Mouse - Wa-Do-Dem]
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Up-Close & Personal: Here's an intimate shot taken of one of the first cannacigars I handcrafted for my friend, @boppin954! Nothing can compare to that deliciously smooth blend of cured bud leaves coated with Cannabis Oil! The taste is simply a complete herbal experience. There is no white smoke from any paper, nor any tobacco wrapping. The taste is somewhat indescribable, yet there is a burst of flavor at every inhale & a citrus-smooth taste upon exhalation. It sort of tastes as if you dipped your cannabis cigar into a jar found in an ganja alchemist's attic. This thai stick was upgraded with an even coating of additional cannabis budder, which was melted right over the first leaf layer to get this log glistening nicely. It was then dusted with a generously THICK serving of Afghan hash, before the final leaf layer was added to seal the deal. I'd normally avoid adding too much leaf layering to the single-vented canna cigar. however, the copious amounts of additional hash and wax required a flavor balance to provide an incredible explosion of herbal flavor added to the body & mind-numbing effects of the mighty Thai. The flavor and hazy effect of the added fan leaves would have been drowned in the aroma & flavor of the loud, buddery hash upgrade. This image was captured by @boppin954 just moments before he slid the skewer out to ignite the pure cannabis cigar in order to achieve lift-off towards interstellar heights!
Be sure to give @boppin954 @boppin954 @boppin954 a follow for awesome shots & edits of all his cool rolls! ~Stay Lifted My Friends ~

The Canna Pipe: [Epilogue 2] The sherlock #Cannapipe that I crafted in homage to @bluntpipe has proven to be a great learning experience. Although I incorporated similiar methods as that of the pure cannabis #Thaitanic, molding the bowl portion of this pipe taught me that just about any volume would be possible to create using the correct tools. For the mold, I used a cordial glass with its foot sliced off & compressed Larry's Og nugs around the circumference to create the thick canna wall. Before wrapping the molded canna mass, I lathered Sour Diesel oil onto the entire green hull to provide a glue surface & secure the loads of tasty hash in place. For the dry rub, I used Blue Dream & God's Gift finger hash from a recent harvest. The blueberry flavor crossed with the creamy grape taste of the Grandaddy Purple & Og kush lineage, are sure to provide a mouthwatering medicinal experience as the body is engulfed with a numbing, warm blanket effect from head to toes. For the outer wrap I used wide purple leaves from the Girl Scout Cookie strain to add a pastry aroma & flavor. I used Blue Dream shatter oil to set the leaves in place, while making sure to spiral them around each volume. Since I applied thick concentrations of hash over the 2nd leaf layer, the new leaves would need even more wax to bond both layers together while holding the hash securely in place.
As of today, the Canna pipe has been packed 3 times with 4Gs of buds, which have warmed & slightly toasted the inner rim. When I am finally cleared to smoke again, I will ignite the top of the bowl with a blow torch, to burn down the rim evenly. The double-barrel stem should help cascade the fuming smoke into my waiting lungs with minor effort. It should take up to 3 sessions to burn this bad boy down to the shank junction at the bottom of stem. The double-barrel stem shall require about 4 more sessions to completely burn down to a mound of ashy memories. ~Have a Classy Saturday~
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🍺Cannabis Pale Ale🍺: Wouldn't it be great to be able to #ferment your own canna beer that will not only provide a buzz, but give you a 12-hour high🚀 as well?! Here's how...
8.5 lbs - Light Malt Extract Syrup
1 Oz - Columbus Pellet #Hops
1 Oz - Cascade Pellet Hops
1 Oz - Centennial Pellet Hops
2 Oz - Belma Pellet Hops
1 Oz - Leaf Hops (to compliment cannabis flavor; Simcoe for piney, earthy strains, Amarillo for citrus or fruity varieties, or Belma for woody, grassy flavored cannabis)
1.5 Oz - High quality Cannabis
8 Oz - Carahell #Malt
8 Oz - Victory Malt
6 Oz - Carapils Malt
Slow-Fermenting Yeast 👉INSTRUCTIONS: Bring 2 Gal of water to 160 deg. in a pot, ideally 30 Qt size. Crush the following & add to a straining bag:
8 Oz Carahell Malt
8 Oz Victory Malt
6 Oz Carapils Malt
Add the bag of grain to the water & stir occasionally for 30 min. Remove grains & discard. Remove pot from heat, then add 8.5 lbs. of syrup, stir until fully dissolved. Add enough water until the pot has no more than 6 Gal (to allow enough space above the liquid for a rolling boil). Return the pot to a boil & maintain the heat. Add 1 Oz. Columbus Pellet Hops & boil for 60 min. Wait 45 min, add 1 Oz Cascade & 1 Oz Amarillo Pellet Hops to be boiled for 15 min. Wait 15 min, remove from heat & add 1 Oz Centennial, 1 Oz Belma Pellet Hops, & 1 Oz of finely ground cannabis. Stir for several min, then chill the beer.
Note: 🚫Do not use any additives to aid in cold break & add the entire vol. of turbid bear to a fermentation vessel.
Add slow-fermenting brewer's yeast. Allow to ferment at 65-75 deg. After the #Krauzen (top, frothy layer of yeast) has settled, grind 1/2 oz of cannabis into a mixing bowl & add a pinch of potassium Meta-bisulphate (no more than 1/16 tsp). Add water while stirring to submerge the #cannabis. Cover the mixing bowl & allow to sit for at least 1 hr........ (Cont'd in comments)
Full instructions coming to very soon. 👍

You Have Failed Us Again, Instagram: After deactivating my buddy @stankyydankyy a few times, IG decided it would be a good idea to delete his awesome feed for the 3rd time at 142k followers! t😡👎 -Even though his feed has always been used with diligence, respect to local laws, & Instagram's guidelines, he was snuffed out without merit, nor regard to his tremendous work & dedication to achieve such a massive following.
Be sure to follow his back-up feed @stankyy.dankyy🙌 @stankyy.dankyy🙌 @stankyy.dankyy🙌!! This gentleman always has the best glass giveaways on IG & always showcases the most exhilarating cannabis-related images found within this pic-sharing app's universe. ~Stay Classy ~

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Canna Broccoli Cheddar Soup: When it comes to my favorite comfort food dishes, Broccoli cheddar soup has always been the bee's knees for me! It's especially effective to help combat the cold temperatures, while keeping my stomach smiling very goofily! For a medicinal version of this recipe, you will need...
1/2 cup - Unsalted Canna Butter
1 - Whole Onion (finely chopped)
1 cup - Baby Carrots (julienned/shredded)
1/3 cup - All-purpose Flour
4 cups - Whole Milk
2 cups - Half-&-half
4 heads - Broccoli (remove & discard stems, cut florets into bite-size pieces)
1 Pinch - Nutmeg
12 oz. - Kraft Singles or Mild Cheddar Cheese, shredded (about 3 cups)
Salt & Pepper (Freshly Ground)
2 cups vegetable broth

1. In a large pot or Dutch oven, melt the canna butter over medium heat. Add the onions and cook for 3 - 4 minutes, until they begin to soften. Sprinkle the flour over the onions and stir to combine, cooking for about 1 minute. Slowly whisk in the milk and half-and-half.

2. Add the nutmeg, broccoli, carrots, a little of salt, and lots of fresh ground black pepper. Cover and reduce the heat to low. Simmer for 20 - 30 minutes, or until the broccoli is tender. Add the cheese, a few slices at a time or one handful at a time of shredded cheese. Stir to melt the cheese after each addition.

3. Mash with a potato masher to break up the broccoli a bit. Finally, whisk in the vegetable broth. Warm over low heat if needed. Serve & garnish with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.👌
~Happy Holidaze~ ✌

The Denver Groovy Stick: [Epilogue 3] 'Tis the season for giving, which is why I would like to take this moment to thank all of my feed's followers who have stuck with me throughout all of my canna adventures! Afterall, feeling gratitude & not expressing it, is like wrapping up a gift & not giving it away. I still plan on sharing important & useful techniques that can take medicating to soaring new levels. -Speaking of wrapping, it is essential to use the hemp string to hold the shrinking canna leaves in place. I have noticed some of the other canna cigar rollers use excessive amounts of string to wrap their sticks. The leave wrap should be able to breath within its space, even as the stick is jarred to redistribute the moisture content. Overwrapping the outer shell with dense bindings will make the leaf wrap burn uneven. The cigar will not provide its signature herbal taste, rather it will adopt a chlorophyllic, "green" taste. This particular bad boy👆 was wrapped with cured G.S. Cookie leaves backed with delicious golden extracts! The hemp string bindings allowed enough air exposure to dry evenly, while still providing enough coverage to hold the leaf ends & edges down for a consistently sealed wrap. For the concentrates, I used Triangle Og crumble, then lathered the log with Skywalker, Red Eye & Red Walker Og shatters provided by the good people at @goldcoastextracts. 🎄 ~Happy Holidaze~ 🎄
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"Winter Wonderland: I just love it when random mutations happen within the confines of a private garden! By now, most of us know that the flowering cannabis plant requires 12 hours of continuous light for optimal flower growth & 12 hours of complete darkness for resin & THC production. Giving your plants more time under the lights will swell your flowers, yet will reduce resin production & overall potency. Too much stress may trigger your plants to hermaphrodite & potentially self-pollinate an entire garden; resulting in a seedy harvest. Reducing the lighting schedule in a garden will result in a lighter yield, yet the smaller buds will carry a stronger punch because of their burst in resin production. Although some growers may practice "Late-stressing" in their gardens to increase the potency, plants in general should be allowed to live & strive under their most natural light schedule to achieve full flavor & potency. As long as fresh air, intense lighting, vital nutrients & water are constantly supplied as the plant sees fit, you should see Cannabis Cup-quality flowers in your garden as well.
This sativa-dominant Jack Herer flower is growing on the only tree in the middle of the garden to have spontaneously ceased flower growth around the 6th week & set itself into full-time THC production mode. Even the branches are coated with white fluff full of mind-expanding magic. The trim alone, should be potent enough to smoke on its own. Harvest should happen sometime around Christmas, & I wouldn't be surprised if jolly 'ol St. Nick leaves a present or two under this frosted tree, as he jingles & jangles with a few sugary-white flowers on his way out... "
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Cannabis Infused "Camarones Al Mojo de Ajo": 🍤🍤🍤 (Canna Shrimp Scampi) Shrimp is one of the most diverse ingredients that can be incorporated into countless dishes. It's no wonder that shrimp is considered the "fruit of the sea"! One of my favorite dishes to cook up with this original Ocean-Grown fruit, is a shrimp scampi variation and infuse it with potent OG canna butter & olive oil!
For this dish, you will need...
2 lb. - Whole Shrimp w/ Heads
1/2 - Red onion sliced in thin rings
1 - Tomato (Sliced)
1 - Cucumber (Peeled & Sliced)
15 - Garlic Cloves (Finely Chopped)
3 tbsp. - Canna Butter
3 tbsp. - Extra Virgin Cannabis Olive Oil
1/4 cup - White Wine
1 - Key Lime
1 tbsp. - Cilantro (Chopped) or Cured Cannabis Calyxes
1 tbsp. - Chile de Arbol Peppers (Ground)
1 tsp. - Salt
1 tsp. - Pepper
Slice each shrimp along the top edge of the outer shell to remove the black hindguts. Rinse the shrimp thoroughly & strain while making sure to leave the heads & shells intact. Preheat the cannabis infused olive oil in a wide pan, on a medium setting. Add the chopped garlic, sliced onion, & canna butter. Saute the garlic & onion until the garlic begins to achieve a golden/brown color. Add the whole shrimp & spread evenly across the pan. Sprinkle the salt, pepper & ground chile de arbol peppers over the shrimp. Add the chopped cilantro or Cannabis flower calyxes to ensure an herbal taste! Flip the Shrimp over when it meaty center turns white & the down-facing shells begin to caramelize & redden. Once both sides of the shrimp have cooked evenly, pour the white wine & squeeze the lime juice over the mixture. Mix & remove from heat after 2 minutes. Garnish with slices of cucumber & tomatoes. Serve with white rice or steamed veggies. ~Enjoy The F**k Out of That~👍

Instagram Strikes Again: The great @weedstagram420 account has been disabled by instagram without any sort of warning! 👎This account had 0ver 700k followers & was simply snuffed out for no reason. Follow his back up account, @w420 @w420 @w420 @w420!! This was one of the first major feeds to have featured one of my first canna cigars & allowed other feeds to notice my work. Weedstagram420 featured one of my pics on a Friday afternoon & new followers, likes, & comments flooded into my feed all weekend long. I was unable to answer any calls nor type any texts throughout the weekend, as constant notifications by the hundreds began to take over my phone's performance. When the dust finally settled, I had thousands of new followers & a ravaged phone which was never able to fully recover... Thank you once again, @w420 for acknowledging my work & for always showcasing such beautiful imagery from all walks of our cannabis community!
p.s. Don't worry about my phone, it was worth its sacrifice.👍 #w20 #weedstagram420

Cannabis-Infused Langostinos a la Diabla😈: (Deviled Squat Lobsters) I just loooove seafood! 😩 Especially when it's cooked with cannabis butter & coconut oil! For this recipe, you will you will need...
2 lb. - Squat Lobsters (cleaned & split in halves)
1/2 - Red onion (sliced into thin rings)
4 tbsp. - Canna Butter
3 tbsp. - Canna Coconut Oil
1 tbsp. - Worcestershire sauce
2 - Clean Chiles Anchos (dried Poblano peppers)
1 - Aji Pepper
2 - Tomatoes
1 - Sliced Tomato
4 - Garlic Cloves (chopped)
1 - Whole Garlic Clove
1/4 - White Wine
1 tsp. - Salt
1 tsp. - Pepper
1 - Cucumber (peeled)
Boil the peppers in 1 1/2 cups of water for about 5 minutes. Blend the boiled peppers along with 2 tomatoes & the whole garlic clove. Saute the sliced onion & chopped garlic in a wide pan containing the canna butter & coconut oil. Add the lobsters when the onion achieves a slight transparency. Add the Worcestershire sauce, salt & the pepper when the lobsters become red. Pour the strained peppers & garlic mixture along with the remaining sliced tomato, then cover with a lid for about 10 min. Finally add the white wine & heat @ a medium setting for another 5 min. Garnish with slices of cucumber @ time of serving, squirt some key lime juice over the dish & enjoy with your favorite cold beverage🍺. -If you do not have access to fresh, mini lobster tails, this recipe may be also created with fresh, large shrimp! 🍤🍤🍤 For cannabis infusion instructions, scroll down...👇 👍
~Have a Classy Friday Night~

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