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Adam Ferchen  💥Niagara Falls | 27 | USPA NYS Chairman 💥Owner of @EliteFitness2016 💥Powerlifter 220 💥1879@220 Sleeves 💥1912@220 Wraps 💥@ironrebel 💥| Elite Fitness |

#TBT to last years USPA WNY Powerlifting Championships with all of our Elite Members that competed! Two days away from this years event!

760 for the top set today. Nice little 10lb squat PR. Need to take an inch or two lower but feels good having it on my back 4 weeks out from the Chicago Fit Expo @jailhousestrong @ironrebelpowergear @ironrebel

3 pauses singles on the bench tonight 405-425-445 @jailhousestrong

“Center me on the bar” 🙄. Volume on lol. Worked up to what would be a last warm up before the planned opener in Chicago

Video from last years US Open with my 628 opener. The lightest opening squat on the heavyweight day and I just remember getting my knees wrapped and @gracievanasse coming up to me saying “Adam, you’re the first one up, you better start this show off right!” Lmao I was like oh shit pressure is on now 😂

3 singles at 420 last night @jailhousestrong

16 spots left for the IPL Elite Fitness Open July 29th!

Extra strong Full Spectrum Hemp oil for overall body relief, recovery, and relaxation. Supercharge recovery and achieve balance for your body and mind. Designed with strength and effectiveness in mind, you only need a few drops to get your daily dose to promote relief and recovery throughout your entire body. Iv been using an entire dropper every night before bed and sleeping like a 👶🏻. Use code Elite10 to save $$

Online entry is now open for Stacy Burr’s Seminar at @elitefitness2016 July 29th in Niagara Falls, NY! Click the link in my bio!

Go hop in on this raffle right now with @pioneer_fit and support the IPL Tribute Meet this August!! Repost from @pioneer_fit using @RepostRegramApp - ***Raffle***
I’m going lone wolf this week y’all while we compile a couple of companies for the next one. #tributeraffle10 winner will receive a custom Pioneer belt, a pair of wrist wraps, a pair of knee wraps, and a T-shirt. Same rules: tag a few friends, repost to help spread the word and donate $5 to the gofundme page. For every $5 you donate, that is one chance! Good luck!!!

Don’t worry ladies we didn’t forget about you! July 29th 2x All Time World Record Holder Stacey Burr will be taking over Elite Fitness @elitefitness2016 right after Steve Johnson’s Seminar! Bama will be teaching training approach’s which will cover technique in the squat, bench press, and deadlift and also focusing on a champions mindset where she will break down all factor of training, life, recovery, and everything in between and how they all play a role in this sport! Registration will be release Thursday evening and this seminar will be limited to the first 40 registered!

Deadlift seminar with @forsakenwarrior this summer! July 29th after the Eat Rite Foods Expo! Only open to the FIRST 40 registered! Very hands on! Online entry under the event calendar at

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