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Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary  Ashley DiFelice 501c3 rescue for farm animals & senior/pasture sound horses in PA PayPal: Venmo: TwistofFateFarmandSanctuary

Guys, Teddy Valentine is having a colic emergency!!!!!!! He went down sometime last night. He was found this morning down in his stall. The vets are out to the quarantine facility and are trying to get him comfortable enough to stand up, which he has not done yet. If he gets up and is still colicky, it may be determined that he needs surgery to fix it. Colic surgery is typically around $10,000. What do we do?!?!??!? Teddy is a retired plow horse who we rescued on Valentines day. He has been testing positive for strangles for the past 3 months, although never showing any symptoms. Last week he FINALLY tested negative. They were setting him up for surgery to remove his eye and today, this happened. We will need to make a fast decision if it comes down to surgery. Thoughts???

They're hereeeee. Meeting these 2 GORGEOUS dudes on the same day?? Amazing. We rescued Spirit, the buckskin, a little over a month ago. He was so close to dying on a feedlot. He could barely breathe due to having pneumonia. He had some sort of trauma on the right side of his face, causing a nasty abcess and an eye injury, resulting in infection and bad a very bad ulcer. He was also so emaciated that he looked like a walking skeleton. Spirit managed to beat the odds and pull through all of this. He is the friendliest horse who just wants to get to know everyone. We pulled Remington from shipping to slaughter. He spent his former years as a therapy horse at a boys camp in Texas. He was severely neglected and thrown away. He is a little jumpy around people and it seems he hasnt been treated very kindly. After spending their quarantine in Texas, today they are FINALLY home. Run free boys πŸ’š Only good things from here on out.

Feeding everyone in the rain. This kid doesn't let anything keep him from having fun. Running a sanctuary is HARD. Its easy to become burnt out if your heart really isnt in it and sometimes even if it is. Its physically, emotionally and financially draining. Physically, I do everything here myself, on 2 properties. Its EXHAUSTING and it never ends. Being a single mom on top of that, you would think would make it even harder. On some levels, it does. When it comes to chores though, Deacon somehow makes it all easier. He has fun, laughs and makes games out of it. My little rock. He is the most compassionate and empathetic child I know. When he is older, I know he will be a true superhero for the animals πŸ™ŒπŸ’š

Alex 😍 I cant with this adorable face.

Big boy Grissom 😍 He follows me everywhere. Just the sweetest.

Spent 3 hours today with all of the horses and mules that are at the other property. They are all doing so well. This property is beautiful, but it is not ours. It also doesn't have any of the facilities we need. We NEED to move and purchase a larger property of our own, as we have outgrown our home location. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us continue our mission and save more lives. To donate, click the link in our bio. We can only do this with your help πŸ’š
πŸ“· Ollivander, Alexander and Timothy

Did you know when you shop @miomojo_italia they will donate a portion of the proceeds to Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary?? Just mention us at check out and you can help support our sanctuary residents while you shop! πŸŒΏπŸŒŽπŸ’š Their bags are Brittany Lynn and Thor approved. Vegan, environmentally friendly and cruelty free! 😜

Spirit and Remington are FINALLY on their way home from Texas!!!! Spirits journey has been such a long one. There was a time where I truly felt like he might not make it, but he has proved that he is a fighter who WANTS to live. He never gave up, so neither did we. They should arrive sometime tomorrow. I cannot wait.

Early morning vibes β›…

Shedding season!!!!! Thea and Pumpkin had a little grooming session today. Enough hair came off to make another little Thea and Pumpkin πŸ˜‚πŸŽƒ

After almost a week straight of rain, the sun is finally trying to coming out today πŸ™β›…

WE DID IT!!!!!! In just 3 days you guys rallied together for this sweet little angel to give her the best shot possible at a great life. I will never be able to thank you enough. Your support means SO much to all of us here at TOF. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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