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Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary  Ashley DiFelice Rescue for farm animals & senior/pasture sound horses in PA 501c3 pending Patreon.com/TwistofFateFarmSanctuary πŸ‘• Wallyhawk.com/tof


"But why did you do all of this for me? I dont deserve it, I've never done anything for you."
"Because you have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing."
-Charlotte's Web
Deacon and Elijah just chatting it up.

We are only 29 Patrons away from our community goal!!!! You can join today for as little as $1 a month to help us reach our first goal. Donating just $1, $5, $10 and $20+ a month gives us a steady flow of donations so that we can care for the animals here while we continue to grow. We would love to purchase another property in the future, but we can't do it without all of you! πŸ’š I always have people say that they dont donate their $1 because they dont think it makes a difference. Trust me, it DOES!!!! For us, it makes all the difference. We also have awesome rewards like exclusive photos, giveaways, tote bags, prints, shirts and more! You can join today at Patreon.com/TwistofFateFarmSanctuary

Good morning, Elliot 🐽 He always has a lot to say before breakfast

Goodnight πŸ’š
Gia & Nora 🐾

It was gorgeous out today despite the 50mph wind gusts. Thankfully we didnt sustain any damage and our power is still on πŸ™Œ

Our handsome Griffin ❀
Our vet took a few xrays of Griffin's big hock. It is full of arthritis and is basically bone on bone without much cartilage between the joints. Our vet is worried that Griffin will be in a lot of pain and will not have a good quality of life. Of course, this is devasting to hear, but it is not the first time we have heard a prognosis like this. We have horses here, who have worse issues going on and still live comfortable lives. We are getting opinions from other vets as well (as our vet recommended) and so far we have had fairly positive feed back. As long as we can keep Griffin comfortable and he is able to enjoy life, then it doesnt matter what his xray says. His quality of life will always be our first priority and if at any point he begins to suffer, we will help him pass peacefully. Griffin is only 10 years old and every vet I have spoken to believes this is either from a bad injury or an OCD lesion, both which would have been left untreated while he was forced to continue to work. This is all sad, but THIS is why we saved him. We take in some of the worst cases and we try to give them a chance. Thankfully Griffin is currently bright with a great appetite. Our hope is to get him out of his quarantine period so that we can see how he does once he is turned out for a while. I will keep you all updated on his progress!

Ellen will be making a donation for every repost. Please, go to her page and repost πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
#Repost @theellenshow (@get_repost)
I’m determined to do something about this. Please repost it. Use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

The only reason I really appreciate Thanksgiving anymore is because it marks the day that I made a huge change in my life. This Thanksgiving will be my 11th year of not eating meat.The number #1 question I am asked is, how? How did I stop eating meat? Stop eating dairy? To me, the answer is simple. I stopped seeing those things as food and started seeing them for what they really are. #1 reason I hear why people are having trouble giving up these things, is because they will miss it too much. They love the taste. "But cheese...bacon." Bleh. It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs, but I learned long ago, that doesnt do much good, so I started helping people instead. It's frustrating, because I can't relate. I dont miss those things, because I love animals. Like, really love them. I care about every animal, every being. Seeing them suffer, literally hurts my soul. Not just the ones I've met or saved, but the ones I will never have the chance to save. I love them and respect them because they are no different than the animals we have here. They are no different than your pets. They are no different than us. Sure, they may look different. They may act different. BUT: They love and nurture their babies, just as we do. They feel joy and they play. They have friends and families. They suffer, feel pain and grieve the same as we do. Is that not reason enough, to not want to harm them? How do you love animals but knowingly support and consume the very thing that rips apart their family, tortures them mentally and physically and brutally ends their life? You can't. The animals suffer silently because people continue to look the other way. People that choose to "love" animals but still support this industry, are not thinking about the animals. They would rather not. THIS is why we document our auction trips and our slaughterhouse saves. Because they deserve to be thought about. Their suffering needs to be seen. This is why I try my hardest to show you the different personalities of the animals here and how they are ALL individuals. Like you. Like me. So the question is, if you could live a long healthy life, without having to take another's....why wouldn't you?

Omg. I found Elliot and Elijah raiding my Dad's van. They know he always brings over Apple's and carrots on Saturdays πŸ˜‚πŸŽ

Brown is home!!!! πŸ’šπŸ™Œ He is doing MUCH better today!

We are looking for a few artists who would be interested in donating their time and talents to come up with some new designs for us for our shirts and other merch!!!! I would LOVE to hear about or see some of your ideas! Email me at TwistofFateFarm@gmail.com πŸ’š
Art by @linzanddex11 @lindsayleigh1111

Come join us!!!!! Click the link in our bio to purchase your tickets! Less than 90 tickets available now so grab yours while you can, it's coming up fast! ❀

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