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#mothersday #dinner mom actually finished that steak, she is the iron stomach! I ate the fuck out of everything it was so good but ofc there was no way I could finish any of it ! So good! #steak #longhornsteakhouse

The #Babymetal show was amazing, I love their new costumes they look like militant Galaxas! I don’t take many pic bc we got stuck in the middle of the mosh pit and I hurt my leg It’s super swollen and I can’t stand on it , Kurt literally held me up the rest of the concert! I’m very lucky to have a strong boyfriend, anyway the girls were amazing *coughcoughMoachaaaan* and even tho I’m injured it was worth going to see bc we had mad max style fun lol . I will bleed for Babymetal?

Reddy for #Babymetal

We went to this place called @donutologykc and got the best mini #donuts ever! They were fresh and warm , I got a cocoa pebbles, fruity pebbles and s’mores one. Also they have a donut they sent into space on display! Wacky but good donuts and milk! #trashpigeon #babymetal

#trashpigeon is with @kurtisbolk and I on the way to the wilds of #missouri what will we find there? My guess is not to get my hopes up as the is the farthest Midwest I’ve been and I hear the farther you go from a coast the less there is to do. But hey if we have to spend all day playing #monhun in the room till the concert, that’s fine by me! #babymetal

#trashpigeon and I on the way to #babymetal ! #missouri here we come, not sure what Missouri has other than white people, farms and meth, but I bet they’d say the same about Maryland. #meth ! We’ll just stay up all three days! @kurtisbolk brought his #meowstic so expect #Pokémon adventures !

Holy shit, don’t forget when buying from Japanese Seller’s that smoking indoors is still acceptable there and that something you buy could end up looking like this. The plastic is so yellowed from smoke I can’t even see the #devilman #figure inside. It’s my fault for not asking if they smoked when buying a 20+ year old figure. #fucksmoking if smoking does this to plastic just remember what it’s doing to your insides. #quitsmoking

I like #Alivia more in person, I wish she were articulated but at least her hand poses are delicate and monstery like the pre reboot dolls. I don’t know if she’s a #toysrusexclusive but I’ve never seen her in any other stores so I got her in case she was since #TRU is going out of business. Which really sucks bc there were a lot of TRU exclusive dolls and figures so like them closing takes one more avenue of chase figures and store only dolls. #trugoingoutofbusiness

Mom bought me my #porg ! Went to #toysrus for the first day of their liquidation stuff was 10-20% off so I only picked up things that I knew would be gone before any big discounts happen. The liquidation ends in June so the late spring/early summer will be when the 50-75% type sales will be, I highly doubt much will be left but ya takes yer chances with waiting for #clearance #starwars #sale #goingoutofbusinesssale

@kurtisbolk is the #cat whisperer#deedee and Dexter both are asleep on his lap while we play #monhun #モンハン

Look at this #dejathoris #sculpture from #womenofdynamite based on a #jscottcampbell illust, it is so beautiful *sob* I cant afford American comic statues but this one totally deserves it $250 price tag. I was saving up for a new doll but I’m still not even that high, part of me wants to sell some of my rare #lolsurprise dolls to buy this ;3;

I’m still in love with her #eyes! I managed to find this cute little #underboob shirt and panties set bc underboob is the best boob. The #wig turned out waaay bigger than I expected so she’s gonna get something else but even too big I think it almost looks #cute ! #bjd #abjd #dollfiedream #bjdstagram #dolls

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