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well look at that. it only took me up until the end of august to get organized for the year 👏🏼 if anyone else is a master procrastinator like me, stop by the blog and download these blog/social editorial calendars i made. i'll be sending them out each month so we can hold each other accountable for keeping our shit together, k?

the flower section was screaming fall this week but my ac still says it's summer. still trying to decide which one i want to side with 🤔 #☀️vs🍂

surprise! this is not another picture of the eclipse 🌚 just me drinking wine. #whatsnew

sunday (dinner) routine 💫

this is what i call a productive sunday 🌞

friday staples 🍿🥂

organized chaos🌪 it's my thing.
i've been debating taking this wall down to start over... but the more i add the more i love it. one day though, that tape is gonna give out and it will all come crashing down on it's own 🙄

get your eyeballs ready for lots of foil on colored paper because i'm forcing all of our clients to do this from now on (just kidding... but you should because look at it 😍) #affweddingstationery

details ✨ these little quote tags we tie up packages with are my absolute fave! thinking we need to add a few more versions though. thoughts on new quotes you guys love??

there's never a good enough reason not to buy more, and we can't be friends if you can come up with one 🤐🌸

the obsession continues 💫 instead of coming home from ny with clothes i came home with a carry on full of stationery 🤓

breaking in the new coffee table. i'm going to need everyone out there crossing their fingers for me that this doesn't get scratched, spilled on, wine/coffee rings, painted on or any of the other 562 things that could easily ruin my chances of ever being allowed to buy something nice again... #myhusbandthinksiwillruinit #hesprobablyright🤞🏼😬🤞🏼

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