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[png/overlay pack]
-you do not have to give credit for these
-i may add more things to the files in the future
-thanks for all the love and support i’ve received since i started this acc!


prob won’t be able to work on this until next weekend but💆‍♀️ give me ideas?🥺 i have a few but the audio is kinda long so

!i understand if you cannot purchase anything i’m selling, but please support me by reposting on your story!
+i will be selling ANY of my ae project files you want, dm me for more info on price, etc.+
//i use paypal and cashapp for payment!//
i tried to make my prices reasonable, but we can negotiate in private if you wish

i will not be including anything that isn’t mine which includes any colorings, logos, presets, etc.

i made some colorings to go along with the 3d edits (it changes the edit a LOT, dm me if you want to see what the edit would look like with and without the coloring, to consider if you want to buy it or not //it’s an additional $0.50//)
-have any questions or concerns? feel free to comment or dm me!
(ac: koroshi™️ on sc)

inside jungkook’s imagination✧・゚:*
intro highly ib: shivrc
astrological thoughts rm: aina cardona on yt
cc: seraph.ic
my audio;
song: frad - coffee shop

happy (late) birthday hoseok<3.
apartment building ib: mxltifeels
cc: seraph.ic
my audio!;
song: donchano - steve lacy
-i’m sorry i rushed this i have no time to edit now but i wanted to post what i had for his bday:<

alright i’m prob gonna delete this later but yes i scrapped it:o but i have a better edit idea so😴
also?? idk why the slide rendered rly weird but ig the rsmb was actin up😋😋

rm: lovcz
cc: seraph.ic
song: rico nasty - countin’ up
(it hits differently w headphones)

give him his banana milk!!>:(🍌🍼
sc: xgotham
cc: seraph.ic
song: miguel - banana clip

late night post bc sex! money! feelings die!
cc: seraph.ic
my audio (sounds better w headphones tbh)
song: sex money feelings die - lykke lo
-sorry this is so short i scrapped it real quick:<

i hate ta*kook and their goofy smiles and their couple rings and their stupid promise handshakes and their
dt: cat&alexa<3
sc: xgotham
cc: seraph.ic
song: sunset rollercoaster - my jinji

🐇✧・゚:* ♡
concept rm: @jieuwu
+some other parts ib them!!
cc: seraph.ic
song: grynpyret - boba beach

the nation’s baby boy:(<3
rm: chibwis
cc: seraph.ic
ac: xgotham
song: dia-woowoo

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