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kate  essence x editingrp x lacun

[ twice ]
my part in my yt collab
cc/ec angelicorigin
oc bravenry

game night (2018)
cc angelicorigin // ac emiliasbastard
i cant do funny we been knew

[ nobody special though? ]
simple hehe i was bored
cc angelicorigin // for alexis, ally & josh
#essencegp hd on my yt

— pepper & tony
cp for luci and for fleur, roo & mara <3
cc angelicorigin

283 lives for 1 ❤️
cc ioveaffair ac brvnnhilde

ilysr i love you steve rogers
[collab part / saber ib angelicorigin]

// la casa de papel //
for logan, lilly & ally
ac/rm angelicorigin

[ coming up for air ]
for zoë & alex
100% rm forbjdden

for izabela, luci and jtvgrp <3
ac me

— billy russo [#lacungrp]
sry for reusing the audio but it’s for a collab
cc erebu.s
ec angelicorigin/ragnarokiddo

[ i’m gonna need you more than you need me ]
for sophie
cc ioveaffair ac wolves.winchesters
#editingrp #essencegp

[ mazikeen x daenerys ]
collab with @jenfilms
ac epy (sc)

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