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I'm Your Aesthetic Mom :)  Not happy.......Not SAD.......Not good.......Not BAD....... >Dm is always open<

I HAVE BEEN SO INACTIVE AND IT IS NOT FORGIVABLE I PROMISE BY MONDAY I WILL ACTUALLY BE ON HERE EVERYDAY. I typically am just I don't have time to post. I have no photos. Sorry, it's cause my mom is having me take violin again which I'm happy about but this time she is super serious about it and really pushing me to do my best so I'm busy but I get a break next week. I'm sorry ya'll!!

Goodnight everyone! I am in a very good mood. Yay! Hope everyone has/had a wonderful day! Xoxo💜

I'm such a terrible friend ugh. This girl is suicidal but I really need to sleep and she has been keeping me up for the past two-three weeks and I feel really bad not texting her back but I really need sleep. Ugh I feel like a terrible person.

I stole this photo from this girl on snapchat that I don't even know. Oh well. Either way, so many people I know are the biggest hypocrites ever.

I remember about a month ago, I added a bunch of strangers on snapchat cause I thought "why the hell not?" So this one girl messaged me asking who I was so I told her and then we started texting everyday and snapchatting everyday and relating on so many things and now we are best friends and she doesn't live here sadly but I just thought it's funny how it all worked out and l keep thinking what would've happened if I never added her or she never messaged me. I'm just really glad we are friends.

I've been so inactive I'm so very sorry.

Welp, dance is over. It was really fun! I'm currently driving home from comic con. I have to pee so fucking badly holy crap.

This photo took far too long to arrange so it's square but the majority of the letters are still showing.

Posting this I now realize what it sorta is but meh whatever.

Dance Camp is slowly coming to an end sadly. Luckily dance will start up really soon after that. I have tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and possibly hip hop and (Horton) modern. Oh and competition team. Yikes. This is going to be a lot of work. Adios to hanging out with people. Whatever.

Dance Intensive Day 2 Complete! Boy oh boy I'm sore. Sorry for being so inactive. I get up at 9:00 and I'm there until 2:00. I love it though! I'm also currently learning the ukulele, piano, and violin! Plus Italian and getting even better at sign language so I'm a busy person!

Not according to my mom. She always said if you cry you are strong cause you are brave and letting people see you at your worst.

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