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Ash  👑 Natural Aesthetics HEAVY LIFTER. 🇪🇸 Spain, Girona. 🕕 19 y.o 🎥 YouTube (almost 5k)

Thinking about calves...

Eating like never did before. Serious changes coming.

Dope pic after an upper body workout. This guy have tremendous arms devolpment and he barely trains arms. In my case, they are just the worst area, also because my arms are long af xD. I'm doing everything to keep improving. So, even genetics, you can build a fucken outstanding physique without excuses. Take weak points as motivation.

#naturallyenhanced #longarmsnoexcuses #19

Never been this innactive on ig. A lot of changes on life, and I'm working on a lot of things, apart of lifting. I want to thank you all for your kind messages and the support that you show me daily, means a lot. Going to be more consistent and upload some ego lifts to lol.
See ya soon❤️

Back to rack pulls, 300kg*5 and finishing with an extremly easy 340kg, felt like nothing. 400kg very soon fam! This is how naturals grow real traps.
#naturallyenhanced #aesthetics #340kg

La actitud define quienes somos y que lograremos.

Mr delts and traps.

Destroying mediocrity statements.

Just a random post, a yoked pic and 240kg behind the back dl some weeks back. Facing difficult times and there's no free time, but im building strenght and size, more than ever. I'll be back on posting more often, promise! Apreciate the support fam.❤
#aesthetics #naturallyenhanced

Natural Enhance.
#strongmeansbigger #yoke

Empezamos nuevo año y con ello mil metas nuevas. Quiero daros las gracias por todos los mensajes que me enviais siempre, por todo el apoyo y todas las palabras bonitas. Este 2017 ha sido un año buen año, he aprendido muchísimo y he podido progresar un montón, más que nunca. Espero poder conoceros en persona a muchos durante este 2018. Feliz año nuevo!

First time ever doing behind the back deadlift. I did them after finish todays workout, +2h. Going ahead for 300kg.
#nocomfortzone #mindset #behindthebackdeadlift

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