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You Would Suck A Dick To Fuckin Be Me For A Second #pg🐑🐐.
Tum log bhi soch rhe hoge itna khatarnaak caption kyun or kisliye ya #kiskeliye thode din pehle ek #mensphsyique competitor ne mujhe message kiya and kehta “Retirement Leli Kya #bhedbakri “ ? Tum Log to jante ho last 3 mahine se gym nahi gya khana khane ka time nahi because mere kuch alag hi plans hai life main abhi jaise main abhi apna business setup kr rha hoon or usi ko expand krna hai mtlb kul milaakr baat yeh hai abhi mujhe business par hi dhyan dena hai or mere pass gym jane ka time nahi hai otherwise main unmain se hoon jo 103 degree bukhaar main bhi #crocin lekr workout krke aya hoon na jane kitni baar.
Ek deadlift video post kri maine us message ko pdne ke baad mgr us insaan ko reply nahi diya uske saath saath poori #mensphysique community ko challenge de diya par hua kya koi samne nahi aya (reason) tum khud bhi samajh jaoge agar vo post dekhi hogi to aaj phir us insaan ka message aya “Dar Gya Reply Nahi Kara” 🤣 Bahut Dar Gya Bhaiya isiliye Yeh Video Post Kar Rha Hoon ( Yeh Mera Personel Best Tha) Magar Jab Ab Comeback Karunga #withproofkesath baat krunga. FAM ❤️ I promise you the day I’ll comeback you’ll see a whole new and a better version of @aesthetic_illusionist in 8 weeks that you have never seen before. .
🛑Legs Train Karna Start Karo #phirbaatkrenge
#bhedbakrihilatechalo 🐑🐐

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⭕️ This form of video shows a dishonest and disrespectful attitude towards women and i should be ashamed to have even placed this video on my Instagram & various of you thinking it would be perceived in terms of Motivation.
So I've been off of the gym for a few months as I was battling with setting up My Business But now that I’ll have it under control within next 2-3 months maximum I would love to get back into the gym again.
I was relatively fit, got my BF down to 8.4% at one point for a photoshoot a while back so I have experience with lifting/dieting.
My question is this: I know how to push myself to my limits, and further if need be, but I'm unsure whether or not I should take it slow and easy for the first few weeks or just go all in.
When I left my big lifts weren't that great:
Bench- 165KG or 363lbs (appx.) Squat- 165KG or 363lbs (appx.) Deadlift- 244KG or 583lbs (appx.)
I know I could probably try and push to these weights sooner rather than later, but should I? Or should I focus on just getting there slow and steady, as if I were a beginner?
The Day I Will Land Into The Gym I Promise I’ll Be In The Best Shape Of My Life Within 8 Fuckin Weeks.
Soon Dad Will Be Back In Town #bhedbakrihilatechalo

Read It Folks ❗️
Bahut try kara logo ne @gauravmalhotra10 or mujhe alag karne ka jab humare beech main kuch misunderstandings thi par vo log yeh bhool gye they jitni umar unki khud ki nahi thi usse purani apni yaari hai #20yearsofmagic or jab bhi gaurav se koi sawaal karta tha mere baare main to uska ek hi jawab rehta tha “ KASHISH - vo kon hai “ and mera bhi yehi jawab rehta tha “ Kon Gaurav Main Nahi Janta” bahut faida uthane ki koshish kari logo ne misunderstanding badane ki dukh is baat ka hai ki kisi ne koshish tak nahi kri ki vo misunderstanding kum ho. Par koi nahi atleast hume pata hai kon kaisa hai ab (kon mtlbi hai) (kon dogla) (kon bhadva) Or kisko Hume Kisko JHAANT MAIN MILANA HAI.
But anyways, We are #brotherfromanothermother I was missing these old days and yeh baat khatki hui thi jise ab bolna zaroori tha. Baaki ab kisi se koi gile shikve nahi.

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538LBS HEX DEAD baby!
@65kg bodyweight.
Say what you want about me screaming, my form, low rep, whatever.
I’d like to see ANY men’s physique competitor even attempt this 👊
#nooffence .
@Tag Your Idols😜 #mofos
Much Love To The Fam ❤️😘
(I’ll be back soon)💋#haters

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