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So, I recently chopped off 10" of hair and donated it to an organization that makes wigs for children. Glad slacking off on getting hair cuts can be used for such a good purpose.

Been having a wonderful vacation! I even got lucky enough to meet up with @bakka.cosplay and @shellshocked_cosplay! Ate some pretzels, drank some beer, and explored a wonderful city with even greater company.

Pardon the goofy smile but I was kind of freaking out. Guys, this is Crispin Freeman, the voice of Winston in Overwatch (and a bunch of other cool things). Given how much I love that giant gorilla scientist, I'm sure you can understand my excitement. Truly honored to get the chance to meet him at blizzcon this year. #blizzcon #blizzard #overwatch

Shiloh is such a stupidly photogenic cat. #cats_of_instagram #cat

Project Kadala begins! After the last several years of large builds, I'm excited to have a year to troll people at Blizzcon. I'm making these tiny shields to hand out to people with a derisive "I've seen better." <3

I don't normally add dye to my test strips but I'm really glad I did. Helped me to realize that some of the new stamps I recently bought require A LOT of hammering to look right with dye. And free handed some flowers because why not. #leather #cosplay

Leather explosion in my craft room. Taking inventory before my next project. #leather #cosplay

Winston is finally home. His 3200 mile journey is at an end. Going to be assembled for the last time tomorrow and will guard the halls here until heroes are once again needed in the world. #overwatch #winston #blizzard #cosplay

Now that #blizzcon is over and we're in the lull between projects, I have time to game guilt free! Play some Diablo III and try the new Starcraft II expansion! #gamergirl #gamer #gunnar #blizzard #diablo3 #starcraft

I may have met a wild @itswilwheaton backstage at #blizzcon. I kind of, maybe, absolutely love this photo.

Finally got to do the #blizzcon 360 cam this year with @vashfanatic and I absolutely love the result. #diablo #blizzard #cosplay#diablo3

Tracer is up to her old tricks! @thestaceyroy makes an amazing Tracer! #blizzcon #blizzard #overwatch #cosplay

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