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  American Eagle Outfitters @ the Beaver Valley Mall

Sales Lead Raquel rocking it in her sunnies and headband sent by the Store Ops team for her awesome plans about how to put the customer first! How will you put the customer first? #aeowoa #aeofamily @aeodistrict27 @aeowallofawesome

Happy Off the Shoulder Sunday with the Raquel(a)’s!!! @raquelamariee @raq_raqcity #aewoa #aeowallofawesome #aeofamily

Matt has been such a PEACH today helping out customers and really making their day!!!

@raquelamariee @sami_j0 combined for 4 credit cards in the first hour of their shifts!!!!! Great job ladies!! #aeowallofawesome #aeostyle #aeoconnected💳👖💳

The only thing better than getting a customer free jeans? DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB WITH THE JEANS GOAL YOU EARNED YOURSELF A FREE ITEM!!! Congrats @raquelamariee and @messynessy18 for killing it tonight!! #aeowoa #aeofamily #aeowallofawesome

Part of being party ready is getting the store squeaky clean! Thanks Courtney for getting the store looking great and having a positive attitude while doing it! #aeowoa #aeofamily

Ready to rock the perfect pair contest with some lovely 5s denim! #aeowoa #aeowallofawesome

We’re cookie crazy for corporate! Thanks so much for sending us some goodies to get through the rest of holiday! @aeowallofawesome #aeofamily

@raquelabrunette is turning into a little loyalty superstar! 3 credit apps so far today! (She’s also the peppiest associate ever!) Thanks Raquela we always appreciate you and your 100% dedication to being here with us! #aeowoa #aeofamily

Happy thanksgiving to all our associates and their families as they enjoy a day of rest before the busiest season of the year. We are thankful for all of YOU for your dedication and hard work!

6 reward card apps out of 14 transactions on the day? Making it rain! (Oh, and a $530 transaction as one of them!) @raq_raqcity @aeodistrict27 #aeowallofawesome #aeofamily

Weekend-ready Walls😍👖 #aeowallofawesome #aeofamily

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