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MINEA BLAZE 🌴  LIFELOVER - TRAVELER - DAYDREAMER⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌍 based in switzerland⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✉️⠀⠀ ✈️ travel tips: @aenywaves

yay finally back at home after a 7 1/2 hour delay of our flight and „sleeping“ at the airport - good nighty 😋🙈😴✨🌞

my @cluse says it‘s time for a dive 🙈✨🌞⛱ cause it‘s just incrediblyyyy hot, even at 5 pm 🙈🧡
ps. when purchasing a watch do not forget to use this code for a free second strap: ‚aenymblaze‘ ⏱ #clusejewellery #cluse

where you were able to find me today 🐡 we found this amazing place after hiking around the island for over 3 hours and I couldn‘t do anything more than just lay down into this amazing ocean-bathtub & just enjoying the afternoon 🙈✨ what did you do today? 🧡⛱

as we couldn‘t find a boat to rent — looks like everyone made a very looong siesta today 🙈 - we decided to explore the island by bike instead 🚲🗺 so happy I got my pretty & very very comfy @dosenbach kicks on which made biking & hiking so easy 👟💙

first day in sardinia and already in love ⛱🌊🧡🦁 we found this private beach today which was an absolut gem, crystal clear blue water, huge rocks - in & outside the water - and sand under our toes 👣 couldn‘t wish for more 🙊✨

last ones from santorini 🦋 before we‘re heading to sardinia today 🙊✈️ find all infos to the places we went on @aenywaves 💐

yay we found something for our „summer-holiday“ so excited to head there tomorrow 🙊✨🚀 off to see new places & experience new adventures 🌷

sunsets please 🌄❤️✨

hello from the other side 😋🇮🇹❤️

ice coffee kinda days 😋☕️🍼

santorini views are just the best 🇬🇷💙💦 currently planning our „summer-holiday“ as we spent most of this years summer at home and kinda thinking of going to greece AGAIN (would be the 4th time this year then) 🙈🙊 am I crazy?!! we‘ll see haha what is your favorite place in europe? would also like to visit turkey or france ✈️ let’s seeee, I‘m always super last minute 😂

happy sunny sunday 🐣🌞💫✨💦

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