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ÆLONIA  Pronounced: [AH-LOW-KNEE-UH] Music by: @innapittza @jakepittsbvb Business Inquires: 👇 NEW MUSIC VIDEO👇

Our new song is available on Younk. ( Crazy Ex is here! Hit the link in our bio, easy sign in with your FB or Twitter and check it out!
Also congratulations, Aelonians! Together we got to the top! Thank you so much for your support, Aelonia Fam! Together we are power, we are unstoppable! We love you!
We really want to make this music video with you, guys! This never happened before! You can become a co-producer of the song. We’re creating our history and building our empire together! Hit funding starts on Monday. More info coming soon. Stay tuned!
We’re really excited to share this song with all of you! Stream the track, like it and share it, lets get it to the moon! 🌙 whoohoo! 🤘🤪 -
«Crazy Ex» (I’m Gonna Getchu)

Let me hear some noise
OAP Fuckboi
1. Hey!
I started to fail
Don’t want you to bail
Don’t tie a rope around my neck
I feel every day
I’m loosing my faith
There are many things that I’ve never said
You got my message in your mail
Whoah Whoah
Please don’t ignore me, my soulmate!
I’m gonna get you
I - I’m the crazy one
I will let you, I will bring you down
I will stalk your life until the end
I’ll lie to your friends and I will pretend
I - I’m your crazy ex
I will tell the people you suck at sex
I’ll create the rumors, I’ll wreck your life
Cause only I, only I can be your wife
I’m gonna get you! (Huh I’m so done!) -
2. Damn!
You’re happy, I can’t
I can’t let you go
You’re just everywhere
Dunno what to do
You’re such a good man
I think I’m your fan
But hate you and being obsessed with you
You got my message in your mail
(Cmon! Check it!)
Please don’t ignore me, you’ll regret it
I’m gonna get you
(OAP Fuckboi!
He’s just a fuckboi)
Things went wrong
And I am not strong anymore
I can’t seem
To find my own peace evermore
I thought we
We’ll fall back in love again
But I don’t wanna believe
That your life can be good without me -
(Oh he doesn’t love me anymore
He took me out of his twitter bio)
OAP Fuck boi

‪We are debuting a brand new “crazy” song later today!! Do you want to make history with us and become a co-owner and co-producer of our song? It’s possible!! Stay tuned for details, live stream today Saturday 2/9 1pm PST.‬

‼️Surprise‼️We decided to drop our new song today. Ladies and gentlemen! AELONIA’s “4Ever Alive” is out on YouTube! 🔥 •
We filmed this lyric video by the famous LA River where multiple movies and music videos were shot. It is also great location for photo shoots. So we scouted this location, were inspired by it, and filmed our performance video there. It took Inna a few days to edit all the lyrics and shots together.
At the end of the day, all the struggle is just such a small thing compared to how important it is for us to have the ability to share our music and art with you! Write in the comments which Aelonia song is your favorite? 🤔

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‼️Surprise‼️We decided to drop our new song today. Ladies and gentlemen! AELONIA’s “4Ever Alive” is out on YouTube! 🔥

This is one of our favorite songs that we wrote back in 2017 and couldn’t release it before. But now we can and we want to share it with you. It’s a really meaningful song. But before we tell you what it means to us, we want you to tell us your thoughts on it. We want to know what you feel listening to the song and how YOU understand it. We want to know your impressions and opinions on it. Comment us here!

Tags: #aelonia #aelonians #aeloniafamily #aegang #4everAlive #foreveralive #innapitts #jakepitts #blackveilbrides #bvbarmy #single #newmusic #newsong #newsong2019 #rock #metal #posthardcore #rocksound #kerrangmagazine #altpress #loudwire #femalefrontedband #rockmusic #popmetal

I strongly believe in the best future for everyone of us! And I want you to believe in yourself too! You can achieve anything that you wish for with your open heart and mind, with your dedication and constant work on yourself & your skills. Our dreams/goals require a lot of courage and work! And it’s all pointless without believing. So you gotta believe! Even if you fail at first!... yeah, especially if you fail. There are no success stories without people previously failing at something. We learn from our mistakes. You just gotta get up and keep going believing in yourself and in things that you do! And remember, you deserve the best! We love you. ♥️ (by @innapittza) #aelonia #aelonians #aeloniafamily #4everAlive

Counting Stars vs The End? Leave us your comment below!

Here’s a cool shot of @henrylipatov filming @realinnapitts. #BTSCountingStars
Would you like to be in our next music video? If you live in Los Angeles, please send us an email to including:
1) Your full name & age, location where you live;
2) Your photo;
3) Facebook & Instagram links (or any other social media where we can see you).
Thank you, our wonderful Aelonia Family! We love you and can’t wait to work with you together on something special 💖😜👍
#aeloniafamily #aelonia #aelonians #aegang #bvbarmy #newmusicvideo #femalefrontedband

Trust to the signs of nature, let me help you ease your mind
Let our two worlds collide
Into the light that’s beaming so bright💥✨
What song would you like to hear next? Heavy or soft?
#aelonia #aelonians #aegang #aeloniafam #aeloniafamily #jakepitts #innapitts #btscountingstars #popmetal #epm #electronicpopmetal 📸 @stanalien

“It’s an Inception-kind of song about holding on to somebody near and dear to you and being stuck in a world where you don’t know what the reality is and feeling like you’re totally alone,” the guitarist says about “Counting Stars”. “But you find something inside yourself to keep pushing forward, and when you least expect it, there’s always going to be someone there for you.”
How do you like the song? Counting Stars is available on iTunes and Apple Music! It will be available on Spotify and other retailers shortly!
More awesome pictures from BTS will be posted soon. 🖤
📸 by @stanalien

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OUR NEW MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT!! Swipe to see some of it. Full video is available on YouTube and you can watch it by clicking the link in our bio 🤘😝 we, @aeloniaofficial, have an interesting story about how we filmed this music video and we are going to share it with you in hopes that it can be an inspiring example for some of you. It’s a #DIY piece and it proves that if you want something bad enough you will put all your effort into creating it yourself and will do anything you’re able to do to make your dreams come true!
We are happy to have @henrylipatov and @stanalien who helped us to film it. It was such an amazing experience for us to work on this music video! Now you all can enjoy it. 💖
PS: special thanks go to my friend @whoawhoadrums for drumming on this song. You killed it! 🤘🤪
📸: @stanalien

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In a post apocalyptic world what would be your one wish? ✨✨✨

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Our Music Video for our new single Counting Stars is coming soon! Here is the first trailer! We hope this excites you as much as it excites us to put this new song and video out! Also Happy Thanksgiving!! We are having a HUGE Black Friday sale over at use coupon code “AELONIA35” for 35% off all orders! -
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