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Adyashanti (Official)  Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings.

“We can be either conscious or unconscious of the Infinite, and it is the quality of one’s consciousness that determines how each moment is experienced.” ~ Adyashanti

“True intimacy always threatens the sense of separateness.” ~ Adyashanti

“Wisdom is something we experience with our whole being.” ~ Adyashanti

A Revolution of Being: Embracing the Challenge of Awakened Living.
A 3-Month Online Retreat with Adyashanti.


For more information and to register:

Free Introductory Broadcast:
July 11, 2018 from 6-7pm

Sessions: Aug 1, Aug 15, Aug 29, Sept 12, Sept 26, Oct 17, Oct 31.

What might be more true than the next thought I have inside my head?

“Everything’s natural tendency is to self-liberate.” ~ Adyashanti

“When we stop being divided within ourselves, then we can participate in the world with less division.” ~ Adyashanti

“Enlightenment is when we wake up from the contracted state of consciousness, and realize that that state of consciousness where contraction happens is a kind of misidentification.” ~ Adyashanti

“Our minds aren’t conditioned to recognize the clearly obvious.” ~ Adyashanti

“Life itself is a manifestation of the divine.” ~ Adyashanti

“We all have our deepest experience of being and our deepest insights. It’s so natural to desire to not only have those moments as moments, but to bring them forward and manifest them in our everyday lives.” ~ Adyashanti

“Don’t limit awareness to the body. Listen globally, feel globally.” ~ Adyashanti

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