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Adyashanti (Official)  Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings.


“Spirituality isn’t only a realization game; it’s also an embodiment game.” ~ Adyashanti

“The question of what orients one’s life is extremely important and assists in deepening your experience of being.” ~ Adyashanti

“It’s very important to not mistake teaching or spiritual practice strategies for the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth has to be experienced.” ~ Adyashanti

What does your life serve?

“Even when you’re stumbling along, at the core of your being, there is a wholeness and a completeness, and no amount of stumbling can ever make that untrue.” ~ Adyashanti

“The spiritual impulse draws us inwardly, back behind the veil of all of the ideas, thoughts, and endless arguments, to something that is still and quiet and extremely potent and powerful.” ~ Adyashanti

“Let your own depth trickle up to the surface.” ~Adyashanti

What would it be like to step out of resistance?

“Life is divine, and your life is your offering back to life.” ~ Adyashanti

“Meditation is a demonstration of our commitment to sanity.” ~ Adyashanti

What truly makes you happy?

“If we do not bring forth the truth of ourselves, we end up destroying ourselves and others.” ~ Adyashanti

“If we begin to experience the miracle of being — to simply be, to be aware, to be alive in this moment is its own miracle.” ~ Adyashanti

“Your whole life is an expression of what you value.” ~ Adyashanti

“Every moment you are affecting life all around you.” ~ Adyashanti

“We’re taught to be mesmerized by the content of consciousness, but the content is never a precise definition of you. All of the content can disappear and you’re still here.” ~ Adyashanti

What would it be like to fully embrace myself in this moment?

“To the extent that we are closed off, we are not taking in the perceptions of the heart.” ~ Adyashanti

“Awakening will not give you a pass on the challenges of life, but it can give you a pass on not driving yourself nuts with the challenges.” ~ Adyashanti

“Begin by acknowledging the presence of awareness. It’s functioning whether you understand it or not.” ~ Adyashanti

When critical moments come, are you willing to see everything that’s untrue?

“Conceptual understanding does not penetrate into the mystery of being.” ~ Adyashanti

“Meditation is a form of prayer. It is a silent prayer. It is a reaching out into the unknown, and simultaneously a reaching inside to the unknown.” ~ Adyashanti

“For the average human being, their mind has become their reality.” ~ Adyashanti

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