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It's Thanksgiving and it's a time to be thankful. As developers, we often get consumed by what we do. We have coffee cups with "Hello, world!" on them and t-shirts with programming logos, like JS, Vue, GitHub, and popular memes. We listen to podcast instead of music in the gym. We even break from coding to stay on out computer to play video games... So, I'm thankful for all the things I love outside of my work and laptop.

After all, it's the simple things that make us happy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Making HUGE strides on a client project. Had some errors, fixed. Made some UI adjustments. About to make some style changes

It's not quite Christmas, but I'm doing some late night work and I felt a little jolly.

Fixing bugs.

Bug #1: double click event listener wasn't firing on a label - I had to add 'user-select: none' to my labels so the text wasn't selected and the double click event would fire.

Bug #2: a type number input was allowing letter characters on iOS, so I added an extra if statement to check for isNaN.

Fixed. Keep building.

I used 74 stickies to launch Squash Tomato. Now' I've got over 300 for marketing, bugs, new features, you name it!

My secret behind getting shit done 😆😆😆

Crushing this Squash Tomato todo list in the next 12 hours:
1. Finish completing an item functionality ✅
2. Replace Mailtrap.io with Postmark.io✅
3. Add Google Analytics✅
4. Add HotJar✅
5. Add Intercom✅
6. Switch DB to shared cluster✅
7. Add Cloudfare❎

Then my wish list if that all goes chirpy:
1. Add Stripe subscriptions
2. Add code to limit access after 14 day trial unless paid

My dog, Lana, "I've tried looking at you, whining at you, putting my head in your lap from under your desk, bringing you socks... and couch pillows... I've even brought you my toys, but I cant get you to play with me. 😔 Why do you always work?"

😆 Build webpack, build! Very, very close to having all my pages updates to their final design before launch! Will the beta be ready before I go to bed?????? I'M TRYING!!! 🤤🚄🤤🚄

Two nights ago, I did not sleep, BUT, I did get a pretty great lansing page designed and built. However, I'm struggling getting it like BECAUSE MY DIST FOLDER IS MIA. Rawr 🦁

Trying to npm install on my server and node-sass keeps throwing a build script error. Like, man, I just want to test my site on my phone. Please.

Been working on this for weeks (redesigned and rewrote from months ago), but by the end of this week, I'll be shipping betas out to over 30 people and I'm super excited!

Squash Tomato allows household members to create Food Families to collaborate and share their grocery shopping workload! Version 2 will allow creating, saving, and quickly adding recipes to your shopping list!

Let me know if you're interested!

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