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Adventure Well  We strive to meet the people, experience the cultures, visit the locations, and walk the paths overlooked by most. “Fishing Beyond The River” out now.

Hey everyone, hope your weekend has been “reel” good! Sorry, couldn’t resist. Just a friendly reminder to check out the tour schedule for @flyfilmfest, where you can see our short film, “Fishing Beyond the River.” Don’t miss a great night of entertainment at a city near you! #adventurewell

She’s born to be leader. You could just tell. The other kids were reluctant to step in and try, but she took that rod and carried it off like she had logged 10,000 casts before. #adventurewell

You know remote places like this exist in the world, but until you find yourself waking in a floating hut to the sounds of howling monkeys and tropical birds, it seems little more than fiction. Our lives are forever changed having briefly resided within this well-hidden fishing community. #adventurewell

This day was equally long as it was oppressively hot. The idea of getting “just one more shot” was the furthest thing from our minds. But when we rounded the bend on that dirt road to find the setting sun, an orange-tinted sky, and a farmer tending to his field between these imposing stone structures, we decided, “Sure, just one more shot.” #adventurewell

Each new day, we’d set out from our floating camp nestled deep in Khao Sok National Park to explore the seemingly endless network of jungle rivers and streams. These longboat journeys were filled with a nervous excitement that buzzed almost more loudly than the outboard motor. Cunning fish, poisonous snakes, thundering elephants, and stealthy big cats - they were all a possibility and induced equal parts exhilaration and anxiety. #adventurewell

Some for sport, others for sustenance, but in the moment, they were all fisherman. Our team may have only known but a greeting or two of the local language, but those feelings of being alien in a rich and wonderful culture seemed to dissipate as reels turned in unison on that humid Thai riverbank. #adventurewell

The sun sets on another busy week. Where will your adventures take you this weekend? Be sure to tag #adventurewell so we can follow your journey! 📷 by @amosmoses3

Thank you to those who made it out to @theflyfishingshow in Denver this weekend to catch the 2018 world premier of @flyfilmfest! Hopefully our film, Fishing Beyond the River, gave you the opportunity to see what it looks like to serve others through your passions. Don’t miss upcoming showings in St. Louis, Seattle, Calgary, and many more!

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If you want see the full trailer for our short film “Fishing Beyond the River,” follow the link in our profile! Also check out @flyfilmfest as new festival dates are being added regularly. You won’t want to miss our film or many other great selections!
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We’re extremely thrilled to announce that our short film, Fishing Beyond the River, has been accepted into the widely popular International Fly Fishing Film Festival- IF4. This film will be shown all throughout the United States and other countries throughout the world. We consider it a true honor to be included amongst other talented filmmakers and encourage you to get tickets to a nearby showing! Go follow
@flyfilmfest to get more info about the film tour. Special thanks to our partners at @flyfishingcollaborative, @simmsfishing, and @flyfusionmag.
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Here we are: Adventure Well. We’ve been at this for about a year now with our travels taking us not just across the US but to the other side of the world! It’s been hard work, with some days more difficult than others, but there’s been a heck of a lot of laughs and just as many amazing experiences. Follow along as there’s much more to come! #adventurewell 📷 @amosmoses3

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