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WICHITA, KS: Looking for a senior pup who gets along with everyone? Meet Gannon! Up until recently, this 8 year old gentleman lived solely outdoors. In this case, when his former owner surrendered Gannon (and a sibling, whom is he is not bonded to) it was a GOOD thing. Poor Gannon deserved so much more than simply existing in yard. Now he is being fostered with a household of other dogs, cats and kids and he is loving indoor life! He needs an adopter and Gannon is patiently waiting for a home to live out all the rest of years as an indoor family member. PLEASE SHARE! 🍁🍂🍁 Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline - ARPH wrote, "Gannon is an 8 year old #AustralianShepherd. He has spent the last 7 years of his life living as a outside dog. After a job loss, the owner felt they could no longer take care of him.
Gannon is currently in foster care with cats, kids, and other dogs. He has been up for adoption since March 2018. He loves being inside and insists that he is a lap dog. Gannon is doing great with crate training and house training. He loves his crate and he loves being indoors. He is a laid back dog with a love bug personality. He likes to play and will fetch a toy and enjoys romping in the yard. He loves water and time at the lake or in a kiddie pool. He is just an all around good natured dog looking for a place to enjoy inside life.

Adopters need to apply and be approved before meeting the dog. ARPH doesn't transport but allows out of state adoptions to regions with a rep. Adopters are required to come to the dogs foster home to meet him." To adopt Gannon, please email with any questions or to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #lover #aussie #kansas #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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AUSTIN, TX: Oh, Leroy. Can't you see how desperate he is for your attention? This almost 8 year old boy has been lingering in the shelter for over eight months. His story has been reposted from SSD over 2,200 times!! But still nothing has panned out for him. Leroy's ideal spot is a low traffic home without stairs because of his stiffness. His size and age have been the major deterrents for potential adopters, but Leroy is just a big softie. And, as you can see, Leroy is a toy-loving, puppy at heart! PLEASE SHARE! 🐛🐛 @austinpetsalive wrote, "Leroy is a big guy who gets ZERO attention at the shelter. He's in one of our larger kennels to accommodate his size but it's still a kennel which isn't ideal for this sweet, old man. Plus it's in a back corner that people don't always notice. And he deserves air conditioning and humans to love on him.

When other dogs Leroy's age are mostly interested in the couch, Leroy still loves toys, loves playing fetch, and still gets the zoomies around the yard! He loves his toys and enjoys picking a toy out of the chest each day. Not that he doesn't appreciate the couch. A lot. His signature move is to lay a big sloppy kiss on you and then run away as if you wouldn't know it was him.

For all his goofiness and affection, Leroy can be a bit nervous with new people. But you won't have any trouble knowing when you've earned his trust (see: big sloppy kisses). Treats are the quickest way to win his heart and mind.

Leroy needs a low traffic home (without stairs). He could go in a home with older kids and/or well matched dog. He is heartworm positive but treatment will be through APA so a local adopter would be ideal." To adopt Leroy, please email with any questions or to apply!

@austinpetsalive is located at 1156 W Cesar Chavez Street, #Austin, #TX. ❤️ #seniordog #texas #adoptdontshop

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BIRMINGHAM, AL: Meet Jilly Bean! This pretty lady has quite the story. She's a tripod who found her way to the local fire department and spent some time there before officially becoming under the care of a rescue. (Before you ask, Jilly couldn't take up residency with the fire department, like some dogs do.) She is now in boarding and feeling pretty depressed about it. She'd love for a true home - one without other dogs, but she's totally cool with cats! Do you have a place in your heart for beautiful Jilly Bean? PLEASE SHARE! 🍬🍬🍬 @adoptagolden_bham wrote, "Jilly was a stray who took up with a local fire department. The department called animal control who called us. Jilly needs to get out of boarding and have someone to love her. Life hasn't always been kind to Jilly in her 8 years on earth, so far she’s had had a pretty rough history. She came in covered in ticks and fleas. She also had a ear infection and some skin issues. Quite frankly, she needed some medicine stat and a couple of weeks at a spa.
Jilly weighs a tiny 39 pounds of cute. She's a #tripod; her left rear leg was amputated some time ago. She's skinny and her fur coat needs some help; nothing that a few nutritious square meals won't fix after a while.
Jilly would rather be your only loving dog at home as she must have had to protect herself in the past. However, during her cat test we couldn’t even get her to acknowledge the cat! She deserves a nice owner and a nice home and a really good bed. So are you the one to make Jilly the happiest girl in the world? She hopes so; she's looking for you. Please make her dreams come true.
We don’t transport; adopters must come to #Birmingham." To adopt Jilly, please email with any questions or to submit an application. ❤️ #seniordog #golden #adoptme #alabama #adoptdontshop

A stud. A King.

Good ole Alastair, Texas #curtismovie @curtismovie

Go watch the new vid on my channel to hear @alastairjpatton open up about his illegitimate child #clickbait

[non-offensive caption here]
Birth name:
Zachary Michael Gar(tongue roll)cia

B says “Good morning peasants”

My great-great-grand fur children already rich. That’s a lotta fur children on your #forbes list.

#tbt to 14 yo teen rebel Zach who only wanted clothes from PacSun

I call this a self-photo. Don’t steal my idea.
Also, I need an all-nighter buddy

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(near) SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 8 year old Miss Izzy can't understand why she's having so much trouble attracting a human. She is dog friendly, great with children, and very quiet in the house. She's had a few people inquire about her...but then everything fizzles out. So frustrating! Izzy was originally found abandoned on a boat and near starving. She has been looking for a permanent home for a several months now and can't wait to get started living her best life yet! But in order to do so, she needs someone to give her that chance. PLEASE SHARE! 💕💜💕 @oaklandanimalservices wrote, "8 year old Izzy was found on a boat, close to starving by Oakland’s animal control officers. It’s not clear if she was abandoned or if her owner passed away. She's a huge cuddle bug (possibly the best cuddler in the world!) who just wants to give you love and kisses.

Izzy has plenty of energy and still loves to play, but she's fairly undemanding and happy to spend the day lounging on the couch. During a recent lake walk, she kept play bowing at her canine walking buddy and demonstrated how great she is with people (postmen, children, etc!). You can take toys and even food directly from her and she won't bat an eye. And she is a fast learner -- she learned a hand command for 'sit' in only a couple weeks.

Izzy is great with other dogs. She's always happy to see and sniff other dogs when on a walk. She is *never* aggressive towards them, even if they're reactive and snap at her she'll back off but still be just as willing to engage in a friendly manner. Given her history with food insecurity, it would be best to feed her around other dogs with supervision at first. But she would probably get used to that quickly in a house she shared with another dog.

Izzy has some mobility struggles in her back legs. She can still walk and run (quite fast actually) but has a hard time balancing. As a result she can't really climb more than a stair or two.
Potential adopters must meet Izzy in order to adopt.” To adopt Izzy, please email to apply!
Izzy is up for adoption with @oaklandanimalservices in #Oakland, #CA. ❤️ #seniordog #ado

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