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Sara-Clare Lajeunesse  Adventures in my life 👉instructor @agatsufitness 💪 #fitnessretreats Costa Rica & Bali 🏄‍♀️#surfing 🤸‍♀️#handstands 🙏#bjj 🐶 @porkchop_puglife

Little drill I souped up from @deflyingfitness Go check out their show coming to the Ottawa Fringe next week👍

Added in a band for extra fun on concentric pulling & slow eccentric control. •
Great for your press to handstand or toes to bar. And probably a whole bunch of other stuff too. 😜

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This thing ❤️

My amazing coach performing back in the day!
#circus #circuseverydamnday
Ps he’s the one on the bottom holding the pole in his teeth 😬

Something awesome is in the works!!!
Aug 19th @academyoflions
@garagegymgirl 🎉

AGATSU: true victory is the victory one achieves over oneself.
POWER: ability, capacity, potential, competence
GRACE: elegance, suppleness, finesse.Simple elegance or refinement of movement.
Agatsu Power&Grace Womens Retreats
Movement// Nutrition// Mindfulness// Adventure for EVERY WOMAN
JOIN me and @palunamoves at the beautiful @rayoscostarica January 2019
Registration link in bio.
Let's go!

Photo by @tayloroakesproductions
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Jefferson Curls for lunch ❤️

Being a first timer at something reminds you to be patient & refreshes your mind on how to better learn.

Throw back to last @agatsufitness Training Retreat in Iceland. We decided to ask our amazing affiliates @markthjalfun @olafsd to introduce us to their worlds of track and field in pole vaulting & hurdle running.

At these events it’s not about being in a certain shape or being an expert at anything. No one can be great at everything. Rather it’s about putting you outside of your comfort zone so you can remind yourself to have a beginner’s mind.

Remind yourself what it’s like to be nervous, scared, anxious, joyous & to celebrate in each other’s success.

Put on a white belt. To be a better teacher, you have to be an even better student.👍

Btw AGATSU actually means beginners mind 😉

Video credit by @taralazanis
#agatsu #agatsufitness #iceland #firsttime #polevault #train #move #getoutofyourcomfortzone

#tbt to @agatsufitness Power & Grace Nicaragua.

Unplug & recharge
Nothing but the sound of the ocean & sand between your toes.

Looking forward to next year’s event in Costa Rica. If you would like to join @palunamoves & myself the link is in my bio.

Amazing photography by @tayloroakesproductions

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Stretching made simple.

If you want to work your 'pushers' you have to work your 'pullers' & vice versa.

Stretching & strengthening are the same thing. Your flexibility practice should be a mirror to your strength practice. As much as you stretch in one direction, you need to strengthen that end range of motion.

After doing a 30-60 pre stretch (not shown here), I follow my practice up with 3-5 sets of PNF contractions at both the end ranges of motion, stabilizing my pushers & my pullers.

This helps your nervous system develop & reinforce new patterning. Give it a try in any stretch you are having trouble with 💪

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What you can or cannot do physically does not dictate who you are.

This past year has been tough mentally & physically for me. Stomach & kidney issues, along with torn labrum, ligaments & to top it all off these stupid shingles keep on like a ground hog day surprise party. 😂

All this to say for a while I was feeling like if I couldn’t perform ‘xyz’ then who would want to learn from me. Truth is I had to learn from myself. That I’m allowed to take a break & just be me.

As well we do not have to be superheroes. Asking for help was the best thing I could have ever done.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank these amazing individuals for their love, help & support.
@palunamoves from tune-in nutrition for your guidance in mindfulness & keeping my nutrition on track.
@thebigbg for all the amazing athletic therapy
@kimberlyendorphin for great strength training programs.
@tayloroakesproductions for asking me to do this photo shoot & helping me to enjoy movement again.

No one is successful on their own. It takes a strong community to support each other & a family to never let each other fall ❤️

#agatsu #agatsufamily #trainforlife #ocean #blessed #move

It’s Saturday! Get out there and do epic things!
So proud of this girl & all the hard work she has put in training for movie stunts with @shawnmozen & I
Way to go Maude!!!
#janewick #agatsu #agatsufitness #stunt #circus #bjj #move #movementculture #bjjgirls #bjjlifestyle

Tight T-Spine?
Here’s a little exercise that I taught our recent course in Hong Kong. It’s great for all those office workers to heavy lifters out there💪

Start by sitting with straight spine in the 3 point stack.

Next placing your hand either in front of your shoulder (level 1) or behind your head (level 2), twist to one side as you exhale bracing in your lumbar spine.

Then on your next exhale side bend in your tspine only, lifting your elbow higher. At the end range of your movement take a few deep breaths here opening up the rib cage on that side.

Repeat these movements a few times on each side, moving further into the stretch.

Always remember if you want to create flexibility in one area, there must be a stable point in another area to use as an anchor point. Use your breath to keep your lumbar spine stable through the exercise. 👍

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