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Sean Herrero  Home Loans For Your Lifestyle VP of Mortgage Lending | NMLS 900669 | Guaranteed Rate 🎥: @blacksmithmedia

@prisonerwineco up close and personal tasting at their new facility yesterday. This just became my favorite wine company. They do it different. Lots of blends. The theme is dark. I mean... there’s a skeleton in the tasting room laid out on an exam table. I dig it. Not your typical Napa Winery. #wedefythenorm

1547 Crespi Drive, presented by @homesbyburgess! Completely remodeled 3 bedroom 2 bathroom in San Jose! 🎥 by

It’s my favorite night of the year. I count down to it. Literally. @sealevelwoodworks says it best. “It’s the only day of the year you can count on Sean.” Why you ask? “His Family is asleep and so is his work. He has no excuses.” This is completely true. And that is why it’s my favorite night of the year. Only @sealevelwoodworks and I are crazy enough to paddle into the ocean in the middle of the night. Well, until last year when 5 kayaks went out and only 4 came back. Last year resulted in a rescue mission for one guy who’s kayak sank and he had to be dragged back to shore behind my kayak, kicking his feet like proper shark bait. This year there were 8 of us. And while some went overboard and I got tossed by a wave on the way in, its still my favorite day of the year. That’s why it’s my favorite day of the year. I love the uncertainty of it. I’m grateful to @sealevelwoodworks and @neptonics_worldwide (Josh whenever you are) for telling me shit like this is normal. (Turns out its not). I love this day/night. Yes, you can buy crab at Safeway for less than I spent on gas. That’s not why I go. I love hanging out with these guys. I love rolling on the black ocean. I love the solidarity of it all. 2018 🦀 opener did not disappoint.

It’s been fun working for @troopsdirect and supporting #OperatorWeekend. Day 1- shooting from a Helicopter. Not a bad start....

Part 2 of 2- Don't buy a house if you have to sacrifice your lifestyle. What if you could have both?
#HomeLoansForYourLifestyle #vanlife

Don't buy a house if you have to sacrifice your entire lifestyle. What if you could have both? What if you could own your home and keep living life on your terms?

Today’s office was on #scenicdrive in #carmelbythesea. From 7am to 12pm I worked with one of the best views in the world. #homeloansforyourlifestyle

Took my new @gopro #hero7black out for a swim yesterday.

Whatcha think of my new intro for If you’re in real estate and want my Monday Marketing Thoughts, DM me and I’ll add you to the list!

It’s the only way I know. Try new things. Question Tradition. Don’t keep doing what no longer works. 📸 @mattmullen916

He was once my mini me, running around in the backyard with a piece of PVC with surgical rubber attached, pretending to spearfish. Along the way he found himself and he is truly his own person and I am so proud of the man he is becoming. Sophomore Homecoming has come so fast. I only have a couple years left with this guy.

I'm very proud to say that my li'l bro Tyler and his better half, Jessica are now husband and wife! This couple inspires me in so many ways. They live life the way they want to live it and have made many memories and incredible friends along the way. I'm excited to watch the rest of your journey. I love you guys! Congratulations!

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