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Beauty is best utilized to enhance the quality of life.
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if I could find me one reason,
I will.
Just to stand in front of you
show you
I can embody all the thoughts you've tried to feel...
- a.feelgood

Nothing makes me happier than these young 'tings!

success has always had a strange
to me...
🌿more on my poetic stream of thought in bio🌿

listening to #damn got the landscapes of the body woke like... too close for comfort.

don't wait for words to come out your mouth before you listen to yourself.

close your eyes and feel
your body language...are you tense? Numb? In pain? where?

Your mental vocabulary,
are you lost for words? Do you even think in words?
then how?

the dialect of your soul,
how do you feel? what do you allow yourself to feel?

Don't let this algorithm fool you.

approval isn't mandatory. Don't let abundance change how you move.
Unplug to recharge if you must.

anyone else feeling like this?
I know all the missing girls around the country, especially D.C. do!

I'm open to discussion, where are you and what do you think you can/want to do?

looking' like a Rhombus
lol totally over it.
no poems in me today.

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