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A.D. Rowntree  I talk on the radio. I Love dogs, The Beastie Boys, Seinfeld, Stern, Charles Schultz, Bill Watterson, Garrison Keillor, PG Wodehouse, and The NY Mets.

Milhouse looks to the weekend. Have a great one, friends!


Great night of music with @officialjonathandavis & @sdrock1053

SLO mo drums

@sdrock1053 listeners were BEYOND ready for @officialjonathandavis . Awesome show

#MetsWin and Milhouse gets his #rallypuppy treat!
#LGM!! @METS!!

Milhouse the #Mets #RallyPuppy is in disbelief as THOR continues to rock up strikeouts!


Milhouse would like it if the @Mets would get on base so he could be an effective #rallypuppy. #LGM!!

On a Friday the 13th, a game changer who kept us all enthralled for countless hours left us.... He opened our minds, he made us question what was possible, and he helped us rediscover the wonder of our childhood imaginations

Goodnight, Art Bell.

#artbell #coasttocoast #coasttocoastam

Me and @jimbreuer_official on a #tbt.

This was part of an amazing weekend. He was on my show, I caught him do stand up in a room full of @Mets fans, and then we all saw Bartolo Colon hit his home run the next day.

So excited for this. Just bought the #ImKeithHernandez audio book.... Which he read HIMSELF! Counting down the days... #LGM!