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#Saturdaze though 💯Had one of the best back sessions this morning with one of the homies showing spicy's moves. I love my style like no other. Progressive overloads and heavy compound lifts are what I'm all about these days; we making moves and goals baby. #getsome #spicy #improvementseason #fxckthenorm #watchme #savage #liftheavyshit #ifbbbikinipro🔥

Back sesh//

Sumo Deads

Pendlay rows
T bar rows 3x8
Standing lat pulldowns 3x8
Seated wide grip Lat pulls 3x8

Fueled by @bsnsupplements #NOX #sponsoredathlete #TeamBSN #WeBleedRed

Only day 2 on my new prep improvement season program with my coach @_peter_built and I already feel so fxckn good. I am eating according to my goals and we are bringing it the way I was made for. 💪🏽😈 I can't help but feel so freakin stoked for this and what we are doing. Grateful for my coach and team. Ill get my official new training cycle this weekend but had a killer sesh today. Hit some outer quads and calves. Move with a fxckn purpose and become what you were meant to be all along. #spicy #getsome #ifbbbikinipro #passionovereverything //www.adrienneochoa.com

Quick second dips for mini arm pump. Heading to @_transformcrossfit_ to load up the homies with @bsnsupplements come through for a sesh and free samples by the best 🔥❤️🖤 #spicy #teambsn #sponsoredathlete #webleedred

Had to get my pump on before heading back to the city. 👊🏽Freaking so alive and damn determined and happy. Nothing is stopping me from new levels. My own standards. My way. Be so damn fxcking strong. The before. Wait till the final. We never stop improving. We never stop pushing for more. 🔥

Warm up//
@mbslingshot lat band walk
Band kickbacks
Split squats 3x12
Pistol squats with Kettlebell 3x10

DB/ @mbslingshot/bw frog pumps burnout
Slingshot monster band walks (3 rounds)
Band lat walks around ankles superset on bottom of feet
Heavy band kickbacks
Donky kicks
Kettlebell standing calf raises//
#spicy #nolimits

Bringing it back but never to the old only ahead stronger & better than ever. My strength is that much more than it's ever been and now we only move up from here. I have no desire to be like you or another but to only be and do me the way I was meant to be all along. #fxckthenorm #spicy #improvementseason #ifbbbikinipro

My one and only man @ludwigaraujo 2018 new levels and magic to be made 💪🏽🔥

Beastin through the day with mama 😎 ha post shot after we just had a full day of bike rides on grandpas old school real deal rides ❤️ #missyoualways then we realized we were locked out 🤣🤣 but that just meant baby girl got to drive dads new ride 😎😎😎🖤 oh spicy luvs them all black everything trucks. 😎🖤 Now to explore more gym spots with the sis...💪🏽💪🏽💯🔥 #spicy #getsome #love #moments

Did some things today 💯 heavy squats and sumo deads much thanks to the sweet gym spot that hooked spicy up and taking care of me now when I'm in town. 💪🏽 hitting some trails with my mama now in this sunshine 😎🔥 #spicy #improvementseason #movesbaby #fxckthenorm #powerhouse

It's amazing how alive and better I look and feel inside in only a matter of days. I'm happy to remember that it doesn't take long for me to be on the path towards bettering my physique and training better than ever. Feeling strong and wanting to out do my own strength and growth is pushing me to new standards for myself. Got a quick training session in before I hit the road.

What I did out of pure love today// 4 sets 10 reps each leg (back to back)
Kettlebell side lunge/ Kettlebell step ups and press 🔥

Heading out to visit my family; my mom and dad to make up for so many lost moments. This will be my first Father's Day visit in years. I love my dad more than anything and apologize for things I've missed. I have a message he left me that I find myself more than ever replaying over and over. Hearing his voice and words. I am so blessed to have you and I love you Dad. You think the world of me and always say I'm your hero when the truth is you are mine. ..."People had to go through adversity in order for that greatness to come to the surface. Adversity is never easy but I know through adversity you grow; you become more in your beauty in your excellence and you radiance becomes greater and brighter. Jeremiah 1:33 An Everlasting Love. I love you Mija...." 🖤Dad

@seahawks VMAC Combine moves 😎💯 ❤️🔥 🏈 #gohawks #spicy #boo #alwayscompete

@bsnsupplements 🍓strawberry milkshake protein + honey nonfat Greek yogurt + blackberries + smidge of fat free milk topped with flax/oats mix....💪🏽💪🏽👌🏽💯 Enjoy. #improvementseason #spicy #TeamBSN #sponsoredathlete

This is just part 1 of the sequel 🔥

post training I'll prob come back and lift more bc I want to. 1 week post shows with no fxcks given. Nourishment and just pure love for the weights. #spicy #mystory #fxckthenorm #passion #watchme #myway

"If you don't have impossible goals you'll never achieve impossible feats. You better fucking believe it in the beginning. You've gotta think big, you've gotta have big actions. Don't base your goals on what people think you should want, what the fuck do you want? We play to the level of our goals." @andyfrisella

New post; too good not to share. Direct link: https://adrienneochoa.com/think-big/

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