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Adrienne Ochoa IFBB Pro  🔥Rεẘяḯ⊥ḯηℊ ღ¥ Støя¥ 🦋 🥞I eat WAFFLES everyday 💙Team FitBodyFusion 💊BSN Sponsored Athlete 🎒@6packbags(code:ochoa10) 🥜@betterbodyfoods(code:ochoa)


Glistened. 💦✨ Killer sesh while brainstorming ideas between sets for some golden arches clients ha may have been swayed with my ideas by my gangster rap while jamming out 😎🤘🏽 ayyyyyyy Made myself a “ME” day tonight though...can’t wait ✌🏽😉 #spicy 🔥💋

Later post from the weekend sessions. 💞 Last few days have consisted of plyo hamstring focus, HIIT on stairs (8 sprints) weapon of choice and we about to roll out on MET day 🙈😎 Time to zone out and do what I love. Make this session and my training nights my escape from the days madness 🤘🏽🔥#spicy #evolve #ifbbbikinipro #escapetheordinary
Coach/Mama Bear @jamidebernard @fitbodyfusion

Word has it my girl @lilbuffprotein has red velvet making an appearance again... ayyyy till then we got your @lilbuffprotein cocoa crave stacks on stacks topped with @lilbuffprotein chocolate frosting and that @halotopcreamery pancake 🥞 & waffles 💁🏽‍♀️ sprinkled with @curednutrition cinnamon and 🍯 would you expect anything less from your girl 😎🤘🏽 Swipe right to see the goodness. 🍦🍫
// *Update today marks day 1 of mini carb cycle 😉 we doing things with mama bear @jamidebernard I’ll be sure to post raw updates as always as we move. 😏🔥❤️ #spicy #eatcakegetjacked #ifbbbikinipro @fitbodyfusion @fitbodyfusionfoodies #TeamFBF

Ayyyyyyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 #spicy #ifbbbikinipro

Morning updates 🎀 Currently keeping macros steady all day every day, no carb cycling. 😎 Strength is increasing on the regular, hormones continue to progress in healing, I cycle my training focus during the weeks on hypertrophy, strength, hypertrophy, power #repeat and can’t forget those MET and weekly yoga moves. 💙 I don’t do hours of cardio, currently only doing 2 HIIT sessions with 6 rounds equaling 22 mins tops and I do any way and any day I choose. I don’t eat chicken/fish/broccoli/soggy a** asparagus everyday (actually never ha) but I do eat waffles on the regular 😎. I’ve had some ppl check in on me bc I don’t post as often but truth I am just living a beautiful busy full life and schedule. 🤘🏽 And to be honest I don’t care to post just for the sake of posting; it should have a purpose. I am all about sharing my journey and truth and can’t wait for the adventures ahead this year so let me know what more you want to see! ☺️This is what it means to be a real true pro athlete and strong woman making moves. 🤘🏽💕🐻🙅🏽‍♀️ doing things with my coach my saving grace and mama @jamidebernard 🔥 #spicy #fitbodyfusion #TeamBSN #ifbbbikinipro #trueathlete
@fitbodyfusion @bsnsupplements

😏🔥🤘🏽 excuse the language; but cheers to what’s ahead 😎#spicy

Some news just in....!! Another update coming I promise; don’t doubt bc I don’t post 24/7 we ain’t working. #mytime #spicy 🔥🤘🏽

Needed my ME time today. It’s funny I’ve been so busy that I’ve been saying I need to feel free, to breathe and have a moment. And when ppl responded and asked me what is free to me I guess I realized it’s not the norm like most. I wanted a good sleep and a killer training session full of heart and that’s exactly what I did. I haven’t missed any trainings but you know when you really feel that fire when you feel that passion inside and have a clear mind, that’s what I was longing for. To stop and be fully present and focused on the movements and mentality of my lifts.🤘🏽Chest/tri/front delt day today in my hypertrophy focus week (my fav) followed by HIIT. Did one of my go to HIIT sessions from my girl @renee.harshey_fit — battle ropes, sled pulls (with that backwards double hop 😎) box jumps - 8 rounds 30 secs - 1 minute rest between rounds. Training like an athlete and felt so good. #spicy #free #ifbbbikinipro #fitbodyfusion @fitbodyfusion @jamidebernard 💙🔥

Better late than never. #TGIF 🙌🏽Macro night cap face plant into this goodness.😝 It’s been another crazy busy week but I never miss a beat with my daily treats.😎 Tonight was all the goods — @lilbuffprotein cocoa crave topped with @lilbuffprotein 🍫 frosting recipe + @betterbodyfoods @pbfit.official 🥜 smooth butter + @halotopcreamery PB cup🍦🤤🤘🏽#spicy #macrocap #eatcakegetjacked
(@betterbodyfoods discount code in bio ☺️😎💞)

What makes my heart happy isn’t the number of followers or likes I get. It’s not posing or posting malnourished images of old throw backs where ppl think you looked great when you really weren’t. It’s not promoting “feeling happy” when you really felt low energy, weak and tired. No, what makes me happy is making memories connecting with people and sharing your truth through all the bad stuff and the light I’ve found. Spent the long weekend with my parents and it was perfect. 💞

Sat morning session done. Pic from earlier this week/end of a work day🤘🏽I’ve been going nonstop since back from LAFE. I’m not only an IFBB pro athlete and sponsored BSN athlete but I also work full time at a global PR firm in the creative world and the fast pace is my everyday 😅🙅🏽‍♀️ I do love it and it’s awesome to be apart of such big global brands and projects but one hell of a week and I’m ready for the 3-day weekend 💕 I am so fulfilled and happy in all areas of my life it’s indescribable. If you’re new to my page I had a past of improper ways but was saved by my beautiful mama bear 🐻 @jamidebernard and Team @fitbodyfusion 💙. I follow flexible dieting and don’t kill myself in cardio, I do yoga weekly; in the process of continued healing of my hormones and have literally been given a second chance of an amazing new life I love and am so so happy!! I love everything about the person I am and am becoming. To hear how so many can just see my light through telling my honest story makes me feel so grateful. Ok sappy part done ha! Back from LAFE and I checked in with my mama bear and weight and stats are the exact same as before I left.🤘🏽No extremes, flexible tracking while there, didn’t workout and was alive and stronger than ever 💪🏽💪🏽😎 I’m going to continue building my metabolism and slowly reverse even more through my carb cycles 😏🙅🏽‍♀️ and see what more progress I make at my next stop..! ☺️ my parents are in town and guess whose going to a much needed mama daughter spa day after going going going 🙋🏽‍♀️ my advice to any in the fitness world // follow the real ppl who are real leaders. Have a team and coach who are teaching and guiding you the right ways and helping you become more and what you’ve always been meant to be. Competing or not inner health is so important. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks and quick fixes. Be a sustainable true athlete. Watch me work 💞💞 love you all. Oh and waffles everyday 😏🥞🔥 #spicy

❤️More pics coming in with my #BSN fam. @mikesheffer_ we got a pic after all oh snap 😏 LA sounds good right about now in this ☔️ looking forward to all the adventures ahead this year! 🤘🏽🔥 #spicy #grateful #TeamBSN
@terence_white_ @drsarasolomon @bsnsupplements

It’s been one hell of a day and another crazy week ahead ✌🏽 straight from my beautiful #LA to that work mode like we business ladies do 🙅🏽‍♀️😎 As my one and only Aussie says @julzjulzjulzz ayyyyyyyyyyy 🔥🔥💪🏽 we handle it like a boss 🤘🏽💕 MET day on deck now 😅😜 then we getting down 🙅🏽‍♀️🍕🍦🍰 #spicy #ifbbbikinipro #fitbodyfusion #mamabear #TeamBSN #sponsoredathlete
@fitbodyfusion @bsnsupplements

2018 LAFE that’s a wrap 🤘🏽 thank you to everyone who came out to see us this weekend! Hope you loved your time! ❤️🔥🦁 #spicy #TeamBSN #blessed @bsnsupplements @thefitexpo

#TeamBSN #sponsoredathlete I did love seeing so many of you yesterday. Day 2 of LAFE with my BSN Team ❤️ Come see me 💕 bring your fav macro finds haha 😋#spicy🔥 #ifbbbikinipro #fitbodyfusion #BSN

#TeamBSN #sponsoredathlete We here LA!! So happy and full of life ❤️💪🏽 come see me!! @bsnsupplements xoxo 💋 #spicy #LAFE #ifbbbikinipro @thefitexpo ☀️🤘🏽💕

*RAW update coming at ya 🤘🏽Here are photos taken just now - before them waffles, bacon and eggs go down 😎 this is my final week on my “mini cut” that I shared with you guys! I had my regular training sessions + yoga days; only did 2 sessions of HIIT/week with 6 rounds of high intensity for the first 2 weeks and 8 rounds this final week —- that’s a max of only 26 mins tops counting the warm up and cool down ☺️ I carb cycled with 2 high days of 180g and “low days” with them high fats and proteins so honestly it felt so good since I was eating so much literally everyday and still am. (Side note/ I am so close to that 200g carb club!!) 😉 I will have my high carb days on sat and sun again this weekend as I’ve been which are the best bc I wake up so tight after and I love! 😆 it’s crazy; before I was mentally convinced by prior ways that I had to stay empty to look tighter and good; I had to diet down so extreme and hard for expos and literally kill myself. Never enjoying my time or ever truly there, freezing; literally low energy; no social enjoyment bc I was controlled by set meal plans and wouldn’t dare go any other way. Well that’s all changed. 💪🏽💪🏽😜 I’m fueled stronger and increasing my strength molding my physique into a true Pro that I’ve always been meant to be. Healing my hormones, soul and mind and starting the new year with a bang with my team! I love my mama bear!!! @jamidebernard Can’t wait to enjoy LAFE @thefitexpo and I hope to meet so many of you. Come visit me!! It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait. I’ll be leading some contests at my sponsors @bsnsupplements booth and the energy won’t disappoint believe me 🔥🙅🏽‍♀️ Come share your own story with me! 💙 I whole heartedly would love nothing more for this weekend than to connect with so many! Flying out late tonight bc your girl here still has to work and take care of business. ☺️But cheers to a killer few days ahead! I am blessed and so grateful. ❤️#spicy #ifbbbikinipro #fitbodyfusion #mamabear 🐻
@fitbodyfusion @bsnsupplements

One of my regulars. 😎Yes, yes I do eat a whole 🍕multiple times weekly 🤙🏽 pictured is tonight’s edition that I devoured after my HIIT session 🤤 My fav — Spicy jalapeño cauliflower crust @califlourfoods crispy with all the goods//chicken, mushrooms, peppers, cheese, @applegate turkey 🥓 drizzled with @stubbsbbqsauce. 😜

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to go on some fad diet, eat the same food everyday or restrict yourself from your favorite foods. Lately I’ve been hearing so many say “diet starts tmrw”’or signing up for the new quick fix program. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Sometimes it’s hard to just keep my mouth shut and not say anything ha like whyyyy?! Flexible dieting allows you to choose the foods you want and build the physique and reach your own personal goals that you desire. I am an athlete. I live it 100% and can whole heartedly say that. I eat like an athlete (and gonna build up even more 😎) I sleep like a baby and maybe I go to bed on old lady hours ha but truth it’s what we do. We eat, we build our professional outside career..(yes I work outside of competing 🤘🏽and am currently running major projects for global brands); I also work for my sponsors and train and EAT right and goood bc first of all it’s our norm and second of all when done the sustainable proper way is pretty simple and amazing. 😉 Not only is @califlourfoods one of my favs for its goodness but they also have such a great story. 🙌🏽 The founder was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease, & was determined to eat the healthiest foods possible, eliminating foods that triggered her inflammation. In the process, she created an alternative to a thin-style pizza crust using just 4 ingredients: cauliflower, cheese, eggs & spices. On top of it all you can’t beat the killer macros and man that jalapeño is right! 🤤😎 #spicy #ifbbbikinipro #fitbodyfusion #macros @fitbodyfusionfoodies @fitbodyfusion #pizzaparty #eeeeeats #wholefoods

Happy New Years 💙 I don’t think I’ve learned and grown so much with such happiness and excitement inside for what’s ahead in all areas of my life. Becoming who I’ve been meant to be all along, making memories living and alive; I am so thankful for so much. Sending lots of love out, I hope you spend it with the ones who matter most. ♥ ღ ♥

2018 countdown; did you get your lift in today 🤪🤘🏽full update coming I promise..! Had a great morning session with some of my favs 💫time to hustle out for the eve celebrations 🔥🐻🙅🏽‍♀️💕 #spicy #morninglooks 😜

(¯`♥´¯) `*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• ♥

#TeamBSN #sponsoredathlete I’ll be showing up next weekend my fitness luvs..!! ❤️🤘🏽Heading out to ☀️ Cali for the LA fitness expo @thefitexpo where I’ll be at my sponsors @bsnsupplements booth 💕 More than ever I would LOVE to meet and see and hear from you all; Especially with so many of some of you girls who I’ve heard from personally with my own story. I would love to meet you in person and hear your own stories!! Just don’t make me cry...😭❤️ 2017 can peace out as far I’m concerned ✌🏽 heck the last few years can...BUT it was the year I met my mama bear @jamidebernard 🐻 💙 This new year will be one of freedom, growth, living, breathing and moving up in so many ways.🙅🏽‍♀️ Working events on top of it won’t be anything like it was before... 🙌🏽 Can’t wait to see some of my beautiful #FBF sisters too 💞💞💞 Explore and have some fun with my loves. Tell me if you’re going!! It’s going to be a big year and I’m more than ready. Side note I really suck at this selfie game lately 🙄 but I tried ha! 🔥❤️ #spicy #ifbbbikinipro #trueathlete

“Macros won’t work for me”...how many have said this, been told and fed this thought? I was one of those people; man so many great things have happened already and it’s only been since August of this year that I was saved and given a second chance at life. I’ll have to give a physique update soon for those who have followed my story. This was my first holiday season ALIVE; hearing my mom tell me she was so happy to have me back ❤️ not confined or controlled or thrown in restrictions. Hearing from so many saying how my story gives them hope and encouragement means more than I can say. There’s so much I want to share and shout to the world 💕 Forever grateful to my mama bear @jamidebernard 🐻Full update coming soon. But first I need to get down on some @lilbuffprotein 🍰🍦 right about now🤘🏽 Show the world your truth and what it means to be a real true pro athlete. #watchme #spicy #mamabear #fitbodyfusion #ifbbbikinipro #innerhealth #truth #flexibledieting #macros

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