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Adrienne Ochoa Dodobara  Happily Married ❤IFBB BIKINI PRO 🔥Spicy Adrienne Ochoa Fitness🔺Sponsored BSN Athlete🔺 SmartShake🔺P28 🔺LSR 💪🏽JOIN MY GLUTE PROGRAM!👇🏽

Today is rest day but another morning stair session in the books. Feeling good and excited to see my final improved look soon...! 💚✨🙏🏽 #spicy #passionovereverything

//There's many ways to approach training and I found my love. I don't do a body split regimen, my training is more of a powerlifting model. Few clips from today's great session on week 2 of my current high volume program. My advice is find what works for you and don't second guess yourself or worry what others are doing. DO YOU and what takes you closer to your goals. Not shown were slingshot seated hip abductions and standing calf raises. I track every workout and strive for my weekly PRs. Few of my main compound lifts from today 🖤 #spicy
Low bars|3x6 165//PR
Deads|3x6 155//PR
Leg extensions and curls were brutal dropsets 10/10/10 🔥

Strength coach| @bretcontreras1

Excited to be in my hometown for the 35th anniversary Emerald Cup & Fit Expo this weekend! Team BSN will be there with tons of goodies, challenges and prizes! Can't wait to see you all there! 🔥#spicy #TeamBSN

There is a right way and a wrong way. Proper technique and training makes a difference. Make sure you're following the right ways and not some hype or ego. Clip of this mornings training. Heavy hip thrusts 5x6 last set shown for 205lbs. Progressive overload and keeping my strength up all the way through my prep. I do better with them heavy lifts.👌🏽👊🏽 #spicy #mondaze
Strength coach| @bretcontreras1

Inhale confidence; exhale determination. 💚Monday; new week and just another day for me. Focused and determined to outdo my best.🔥#spicy #mindset

Honored to support one of the best in the biz. @tfordfsp more than just a coach and changer. The grind never stops @gofordsports

#Mindset 🔥💚💫

Hi my name is Spicy and I like long walks on the beach and occasional gym sessions🤓

We had a killer day four on my current training program and check-ins in the am were right on making moves in all the right ways. When you find something that makes your heart beat just a little hold onto it and let it flow with that good energy. I love the way I train and feeling strong and powerful in all my lifts. 🔥#spicy #movewithpurpose

Strength coach | @bretcontreras1
Nutritionist| @czfitness

Those sunsets 🦋Capturing the moments and making plans and memories 💫💞

Woke up to that sunshine 💛 Post morning stairs and seeing one of my beautiful clients. Time to feed the bod and enjoy this beautiful sunny day. 🔥
For posing and/or training programs email me for more info! 💌

Morning training today felt so smooth and strong. 🖤

High volume on my current program and only a few clips from today's regimen. Had a killer rest day yesterday and the benefits definitely showed this morning. Do everything with a purpose; no matter what it is it should take you that much closer to your goals. My training has a reason and set focus behind it; it is written in a set way and goes beyond the typical norm. 🔥#spicy #carveyourcanvas #DrivenEssence

Strength coach| @bretcontreras1

Aim to move and be moved 💫 #spicy ||

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