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When it's a few months back and you've just started dating, and you're at his place and it's late but you're hungry, and he offers to make you a frozen pizza and then pulls out a bag of shredded cheese and asks if you would like "extra cheese" on your pizza, and you're like well this one is a keeper. ❤️ // #valentinesday

So excited for 2019 but still so many beautiful moments from 2018 to share, like this stunning wedding in a eucalyptus grove. More to come! ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

Eryn on her wedding day. ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

A trolley takes you up a narrow winding road to the lighthouse. Once at the top, Alex headed to the quiet secluded beach, where Veronica was waiting for him for their first look. A cliffside ceremony of just 20 guests followed. It was a magical day. ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

So many of us love to travel, but we all travel a little bit differently, yes? Are you a voracious planner with Excel spreadsheet itineraries broken down into 15 minute increments? Do you lay out maps so you can fit as many sites as possible into a day? Do you prefer venturing out of the urban sprawl into nature? Or do you get most excited at the thought of no plan at all, going from town to town, hopping on and off trains, stopping whereever you find calls your heart?
I would describe my travel style as first and foremost centered around food (surprise, surprise) with a loose plan for each day and lots of time allotted to explore. I like the idea of planning an area to visit that day or a site or 2 we plan to see, but love leaving time to wander, pop into a bookstore, sit at a park overlooking the city, a bench by a river, a table outside a cafe. I'm really into cute boutique hotels, hotel lobbies, rooftop bars, cute rooftop hotel bars, cafes of any kind, marketplaces of any kind, museums, and love meeting locals. I've always been into road trips and hate planned tours for some reason. And as anyone who has traveled with me can attest - I have the propensity to lag behind because I'm stopping to take photos of all of the things. Which is why it's nice to sometimes travel with other photog friends, but honestly I feel lucky to have so many friends in general who love to travel and speak my same travel language :) What's yours? ❤️ // 📷: @miminguyenphoto // #neverstopexploring

A moment from last weekend's wine country wedding. ❤️// #adriennegundephotography

The past few weeks have brought meetings with so many sweet couples who are getting hitched in 2019. Feeling so thankful for all the kind referrals & trust in my work, it means everything ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

A dreamy desert engagement session. ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

It's been a minute since I've posted a bouquet shot on here. Is this one not a stunner? // #adriennegundephotography

Happy anniversary to these two! Your seaside wedding will always be memorable to me and your love is such an inspiration ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

Just all smiles. ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

Dreamy bridesmaid vibes. ❤️ // #adriennegundephotography

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