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Adrien  Runner • Potter • Baker #runstreak 7/11/15

Day 1229. I wrapped up my 8 weeks of consistent daily strength training yesterday, and I'm starting training for the Marrakech half marathon next week, so I decided to take a week to just run for fun in the meantime.
Running over the Cooper river had been on my bucket list for a while, such a beautiful view from up there. Kept a consistent pace going up, and then zoomed back down, felt like flying ❤️ Any recommendations of beautiful places to run? Ideally somewhere across a body of water! #runstreak

Coffee, and water. That's pretty much all I've been drinking lately. And it's somehow fitting that 6 months without drinking falls the day after 6 years without smoking.

Why? With all the time, effort, money and energy I've been putting into training, at some point it just felt natural to definitely stop imbibing. #straightedge I suppose? 😄

I'm lucky in that I've never had an issue with alcohol, so quitting was mostly uneventful. Honestly, the most noticeable aspect of it is how awkward it is for some people to sit across from someone sipping sparkling water 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also, another homemade mug, I really like this shape for handles but it's a pain to get right. Was supposed to be part of a set of two but the other one cracked 😢

Pottery progress: I really liked the pair of little mugs I made a couple of months back, so I made a set of two espresso cups to go alongside them. #thingsimake

Day 1212. Today was a pretty interesting run. I ate too much last night and my stomach had been cramping all night, and my right achilles has been super tight lately, so you'd figure this morning's 4 miler would be miserable, and yet somehow.. I headed out conservatively at 7:10 (side note, mind boggling that that's a "conservative" pace now) and after a couple of miles in I found myself running a comfortable 6:30.

Now, the pace itself is way slower than my mile PR, but what I find exciting is that previously I had to push very hard to get there. Today however it felt sustainable, like something had clicked both physically and mentally: keeping the same cadence, but lowering my center of gravity, engaging my glutes and toes more, getting in a rolling groove of longer strides. All the strength training in the last 5 weeks is paying off.

Also, I decided to buy into the hype and jump on the @nike bandwagon: going to use the Zoom Fly for most of my training, and the Vaporfly 4% on some long runs and when racing. #runstreak


The more I practice, the more I'm drawn to thin walls, simple lines, and plain glazes. #thingsimake

I had been looking for an old school Superman poster but couldn't really find anything that resonated, until I came across the cover art from a March 1949 issue of Superman.
Unfortunately there are no scans available on the internet, and the only originals I could find our outrageously expensive. Luckily I managed to get my hands on a high res photo of the comic book. It required substantial cleaning up and digital restoration, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks printed on canvas.

I've been getting a large part of my protein intake from skyr and Greek yogurt lately: it's convenient, high in proteins, low carbs and low fat, and it's pretty versatile as it can both be the basis for a sweet dessert or a savory condiment. This being said, it lacks texture, so inspired by @jordanb I made a huge batch of maple nut granola so I can sprinkle a little crunch over my yogurt. I chopped an assortment of my favorite nuts (pecan, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, macadamia), tossed them in coconut oil and a bit of maple syrup, and baked the whole thing for about 30 minutes at 330°. #foodfromscratch

Day 1200. Funny how those round number milestones end up falling on days with silly short runs.
For the last 4 weeks I've been cutting back on the running: lifting 6 days / week, and only doing 1 mile warmup (and a longer 4ish miles on my days off). Today's run was 5x(0.1 mile flat + 0.1 mile 5% incline) at 7:30/mile.
#runstreak #becomingsuperman

Fall is finally upon us, leather jacket weather! #clarkkenthair

Warm socks ready for winter! And now that I've finished knitting these, I don't have any valid excuse to procrastinate working on this throw that has been on my needles since last December.. #thingsimake

Took the team to @thebklynkitchen where @eatsbreads taught us how to bake bagels. Already ate one, and now I need to find the strength to keep some for tomorrow… #foodfromscratch #homemadeplatetoo

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