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After I clean up after work and before I clean up big change lol

Worked from 9pm to 3am slept for 2 hours and affirming my regular job

I'm glad to have meet an old friend of mine and now my roommate if it wasn't for him and all the people who helped me out when I was at my worst I would be here able to do things that I would struggle without him here to my friend my brother I owe you my life

Two songs that get me through the week and help me deal with people that will fucking curb stomp me without hesitation

Went paintballing today and this was my only scar from it man how I miss paintballing

Damn 21 years old holy shot I sure have learned a lot with in the past six months the mistakes I made decisions I made everything I did but now I have to keep going forward every learned who I can trust and who I can't I love all you guys

There are times that I wounded what i could have done different because I lost my best friendS now she don't wanna talk to me but maybe this was supposed to happen who know all I know is that I gotta push my self further and harder

1 month of not hurting my self at work I finally did it

This is some of the best advice you can hear

This song has become the one song that I can listen to for hours #theoffspring

It feels and feels Like Heaven Is So Far Away and it feels like the worlds so cold now that you've gone away

I miss you cuz even though we are more brothers rip Eric Padilla

Anyone down to talk I wanna talk and bored

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