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Fitness Barbie  ✌🏼️#SoMuchRoomForActivities 💼 @athleta Community Coordinator 🍏Health & Wellness Coach 🤓Dietetic ➡️PA studies ☀️Yoga Fit Hobby 📍Miami Beach

❤️Sunday at the symphony 🎶If you know me, you know how much I enjoy classical music! #ClassicalConcert #Mozart #DateNightWithMyGirls

Once a ballerina, always a ballerina #ConcreteJungle #wynwoodartsdistrict #MiamiDancers #MiamiArt

Document the moments you're most in love with yourself - what you're wearing, who you're around, what you're doing. Recreate and repeat. #PowerOfShe @athleta @julaerhee -
Literally my favorite song ever ❤️Nym by @phluxmusic
#AthletaAmbassador #AcroyogaFun #AcroYoga #FitAndFabulous #internationalyogaday

#FitTipFriday is choose healthier alternatives!
This is so easy a guy could make it 😉
Directions: ⬇️
🍌Peel bananas -
🍡 Skewer them -
🍫Cover with chocolate -
🍬Sprinkle w/ your fav treat -
❄️Freeze them
This may not be "clean eating" but its important to acknowledge cravings when you have them and try to make a healthier choice to satisfy it. #SimpleRecipes #HealthyAlternatives

Painting the town _________. #SLSBrickell @slsbrickell #DownTownMiami

Grill Mastering.🙅🏼☀️

Youth is a gift of nature, but age is a work of art.

How old/long do think it's survived here?! !🌊🙏🏻 #ToBeHome #ThroughMyEyes #FloridaKeys #ArtisticNature #BeachLifestyle #KeysKids #AdriannesAdventure

#FitTipFriday Is about "progression"
🔵Make everything you do a challenge to progress to the next phase!
🔵That's what fitness and wellness is about. A starting point, consistent practice and progression🤗 READ MY STORY
🙅🏼If you've see my previous handstand inversions you'll see I'm always balanced against an object, inching down slowly until my back doesn't bend anymore
🌊This time while walking my dog on the beach I realize the pier is low enough for me to touch. I was inspired to hit a handstand and then realized, push harder. So I began to drop my tush. Arching my back and holding my body with just my toes, I inched more and more until I hit my limit. .
💪🏼 Doing this multiple times I realized something...I DON'T NEED TO LEAN AGAINST AN OBJECT ANYMORE, I've progressed.
#FitnessFriday #FitnessProgress #HandstandChallenge #YogaProgressJourney #KeepPracticing

⛳️Shot 1 under par playing with the self titled "Happy Gilmores" of the Sombrero Beach Country Club 🌴(3 on 3 scramble) 🏌🏼‍♀️
Padre drew Nikki faces on my balls and conveniently couldn't "work the record button" whenever I made a good shot!!! Such a fun Memorial Day!
#SoMuchRoomForActivities #FloridaKeysLife #GirlsWhoGolf #FunnyParents #MyDadsTheBest

Simply delicious
🍴Fresh caught & grilled mahi
🍽 Seasoned w/sea salt & pepper
🍴 Side of grilled peppers
#GrilledMahiMahi #CatchOfTheDay #EasyRecipes #OnTheGrill

#FitTipFriday 3️⃣EASY MOVES you can do outside with no weights!
1️⃣ Pulsing Squats
20 - Squats with 5 low pulses at the bottom of each full squat🍑
2️⃣ Walking lunges 🏃🏼‍♀️
40 - Make sure to keep your knees at a 90degree angle, don't touch the ground
3️⃣ Frog jumps💥
20 - Bring your tush all the way down, tailbone tucked in at the bottom with an explosive jump straight up!
4 sets of each...Have Fun!!!! #OutDoorWorkouts #BuildABooty #EasyWorkOut #FitnessGuide #HomeWorkouts #AddidasWomen #ThePowerOfShe @adidaswomen @onboardbandit

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