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Adrian Grenier  👇🏽Reduce technology distraction and go deeper with life. 👇🏽


Great talk in #oslo at #atech with #aftenposten - exploring themes of technology, creative autonomy and investing with your heart.

I nearly ran out his clock, which would have given me the win...

Diving into the book "Bored and Brilliant", finally taking the steps to reclaim my life from my phone. That's right, I am making a public admission, I have a problem, and will be taking the steps to reduce my addiction to distraction and "busy-ness" and reconnect with my creative self. It's already hard, but I'm looking forward to going deeper with my time. If I engage less social-medialy, it's because I'm practicing boredom...join me? (Link in my profile.)

"Our ailing ocean is the biggest victim of humanity’s hubris; together we own this crisis, and so together we must come to face the music. And this is not the kind of music you want to put on repeat, this is not a tune for heavy rotation, it is a song consisting of the foul notes of acidification, coral bleaching, arctic-ice-cover melt, dwindling fish stocks...plastic. It’s time we transpose this song of destruction into one of industrial innovation, unprecedented government cooperation, alongside business and humanity evolving to avoid an existential catastrophe." - me. #stopsucking #ourocean2017 #industrialevolution

I'm a bit nervous to speak in the main hall at #ourocean2017 but I think about all the precious animals beneath the sea who need me to be brave, and I feel more bold.

Final leg to Malta, speaking at #ourocean2017 - world leaders coming together to address the myriad needs of our vital resources or the sea.

If it's not the destination but the journey, then zen is an airport.

Congrats to fellow ocean swimmers @paulblackthorne and @orpheomccord for swimming the length of the Golden Gate Bridge today to bring awareness to our friends @oceanconservancy for #sharkfestswim. I'm in for the next one boys. Buy a specialized tshirt: represent.com/paulblackthorne proceeds go to ocean efforts.

Finally found my unicorn, Never gonna let go. #museumoficecream #sf. Good job kids... @madison.utendahl @manishmas

What hip-hop quote (on the wall or off) best describes you?

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