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Adrian Grenier  Make the switch to reusable water bottles👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Meet Nathan. He and I are doing this sweet little film called Stage Mother. It’s out there ☄️but it will hit you in here ❤️. Excited to work with @adriennesings54 (#jackiweaver) @jackiebeat and @lucyliu et al #halifax #stagemotherfilm

So many trains; so many hours in this day. At least I got a forward facing seat and a window pillow. #philadelphia #ypo #daytrip

Dark clouds behind, sun up ahead. But don’t think I don’t love you clouds; that I lament the darkness, because I don’t - I love you also.

Flat Whites don’t taste the same these days. Winter is nigh.

Can’t go wrong with #grandcayman as a #backdrop & that #island #light - (photo by @isaqbrito )

Literally my favorite place to be, in a lighting store. #lightingfetish

Yesterday I signed a pledge to make the switch to reusable water bottles w/ @SodaStreamUSA & @oceanic.society. Join me (link in my bio) By doing so, we can eliminate an average of 3500 single use bottles from the waste-stream a year per family; a HUGE ​​​​​positive impact on the environment. Take the pledge (link in my bio) #sodastreampledge #Sponsored

Can anyone see what my necklace is...?

It’s been barely over 2 years and because of YOU, @lonelywhale is tracking a reduction of 8 Billion (that’s right, with a ‘B’) single-use plastic straws by 2020... We have seen real, measurable change in habits, business and legislation to start reducing ocean plastic pollution by starting small. Thanks to all the supporters and believers in a clean, safe ocean for all. But remember straws are the gateway, just the beginning...we still have 10 Billion (yes, also with a ‘B’) tons of ocean plastic to deal with, the clock is ticking... @lonelywhale @ticktock_world

Spontaneous air-guitar solo, main-stage with @cheatcodes yesterday #billboardhot100

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