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Straight up 💘. I love you so, @dirt_rhodes

If only I could squeeze their little hands.

This morning in Blanco, TX. Right about this time, a man knocked on our car window and asked why we were parked along his fence. Ryan told him it was so we could watch the sunset. "It's a sunrise, but I guess that's fine."

Saw two skunks on my walk this morning. Also saw a bunch of deer, some cows, and a crane (the bird kind, not the building kind).

Tiny neighbors


Here's Ryan in a rainforest. Today is his birthday. And tomorrow, we go to New Orleans to celebrate properly. Happy birthday, you handsome SOB. So lucky to call you mine. 🌴❤️🌴


Monday started with a new job and ended with a new puppy. Gonna try and nurse this lil guy back to a healthy weight while we figure out what to do with him. In the meantime, think we'll call him Roscoe!

Never seen Luna so stoked!