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Adrian Gardner  Arts Producer | Apples and Snakes | Drama Facilitator | Unqualified Life Coach

Optimistic - Sounds of Blackness

Angels Watching Over Me - Richard Smallwood

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream


I just wanted to hide the fact that I hadn’t had a shape up in several weeks with this headwrap. I want to walk around like this daily tho.


Here we find a whole Adrian rowing a boat with no idea how to but appearing calm and collected. This is a facade. Adrian was not calm nor collected. He was stuck in the middle of the frigging lake trying to figure out with @amyleonmusic how the hell they were meant to get back to shore. They eventually triumphed in getting back to shore...about 1hour and 30 mins later. It was an ordeal but one he was grateful for.

Hold your head as high as you can
High enough to see who you are, little man
Life sometimes is cold and cruel
Baby no one else will tell you so remember that
You are Black Gold
Black Gold
You are Black Gold - Esperanza Spalding ✨
📸 @amyleonmusic 💜

Happy New Year, beautiful souls! Can we commit to this ethos for the entire year please? Ok, thanks. Great to have you on board.
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