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Adriana Raffa  🐅 Filthy Animal 🎶Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Producer ❤️BAE(Business, Art, Entrepreneurship) 👊Ready, Eager, Hungry Listen to my new single here!⤵️

“Bitch eat my 🍆, lets get it. Cash” 💵 💵 💵
Lolololol oh my cultures are colliding. This is only the beginning my friends. Holla to gaming culture. Ya’ll the shit ❤️ @hotfreestyle

Embodiment of the climb is singing in a closet 🎤🎧 #hungryaf

I just wrote the arrangement for the next single and then stumbled upon this video I did months and months ago and I’m over here like..”yo wtf this shit is dope why haven’t I done something with this yet???” So now I’m struggling with which one to make into a single next but then I was like “fuck that, this shit needs to be on a full ass project” so that’s what’s up and this was a long ass caption for what was suppose to be a #tbthursday post ☺️

FaceTime WasteTime is out now! Link in the BIO 📲 Smash that shit and listen to it 👊

Little trivia fact about me: I’m absolutely obsessed with the Grindhouse films. Both Planet Terror directed by Robert Rodriguez and Death Proof directed by Quentin Tarantino.
These movies ruled my life for so long that I remember wanting my first band to be the auditorial equivalent to each of them. I remember writing songs with the feel of these movies in my mind. Wanting so badly to exude the badassary I felt radiating off the double feature flick.
This photo I found from @fitne_club reminded me of that love. I think I’m way past over do another marathon 🤪

Ya’ll remember when Nickelodeon and All That was all about that culture? My man Craig Mack had that place LIT in ‘94. An MC like this will never die. Live on my dude, live on ✊#craigmack @tlcjanetfan


I’ve seen some real fucked up portraits and photo inspired tats that have traumatized me for life but this shit here is Solid AF. Glad @mr.k_tats did my man Pac right 🙏🔥

“It’s a secret and the secret is—if you believe it and you do it then you can achieve it. But how can it be a secret if I just told you? Well that’s because 99.9% of the people watching this truly don’t have that mentality or understand...” @logic.lyrics.n.pics

#masseffect is real bitch 💯😆

John Mayer is wild’n out on that acoustic 🤣🔥💯 @johnmayersolos

If you’ve seen my Stories...shit sounds better than I remember 🤣😭

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