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Adrian Acevedo  🌲Oregon Grown🌲 Mexican & Native American Mac DB Broista ☕️🤘🏼😎 Snapchat 👻: adrianacevedos

My first Father’s Day ❤️

For those who don’t know, this is Arlo ❤️ About a week ago my coworkers were all keeping a secret from me, including my boss, who was the mastermind behind it all. After knowing how much Tyson meant to me and how much losing him affected me... my Dutch Bros family went out of their way to surprise me. My Franchise Owners surprised me with a boxer puppy. 😭❤️ I don’t even have words to explain how it makes me feel to know that these people cared this much about me and my family to do something like this. He will never replace my boy Tyson. But there is a new chance at making my family whole again and the start to new beginnings and memories with our new little boy. I don’t deserve my Dutch Bros family! Kory & Tina! I can’t thank you enough 😭❤️ Welcome to the family Arlo ❤️ #dutchbros #macdutchbros

Hmmm... 26. Shits gettin serious

Stay low key, flex occasionally 😏

The bright light at the end of this tunnel 😂

He will forever and always be the best 13 (almost 14) years of my life ❤️ If anyone knows me, you know how much this guy meant to me. He was my world. He was my best friend, my food coma partner in crime. Tyson, you were taken from me way too soon, but you lived a great life and you kept me smiling till the very end. You had the biggest personality, and you were loved by anyone who met you. I’m heartbroken you didn’t make it to your Quinceñera. You will always be my big strong boy. Thank you for being the best dog anyone could ever have. Home already seems so empty without you. You will be missed more than you know... losing you, has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do... I love you bud 😭❤️

Survived my first Drink One for Dane with @dutchbroscoffee I had so much fun, aside from getting a REAAAALLY bad farmers tan from running all day 😭 I’m glad I work for such an amazing company! Shoutout to my afternoon crew, and my stand! Town Center we SLAYED today! 🤟🏼😎 CHEERS TO THE WISEMAN

This girl never fails at putting a smile on my face 😊❤️ And she is so much fun to work with!

It’s getting warmer out, that means hanging outside on the porch with my old man 🐶❤️

Happy 19th Birthday to my little shit of a brother! Love you Dre! I hope this year is amazing for you! I’m glad you stopped by my work and got your free Birthday 911. Thanks for being my badass, hilarious, spontaneous little brother. You keep life interesting kid, I’ll give ya that 😂 Love ya baby bruder

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive more youer than you

Mac Dutch Bros Work Husband and Work Wife ❤️👫💑

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