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ADRI. G.  reppin' LIFE since 1981♐️ & “Mommyhood” since 12.19.16♐️ EASTWOOD REBEL 🙇🏻💙

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Everybody’s love story starts somewhere right? Well this is mine. If you don’t know. It’s because of Ryan Tuft Winquist. He was my sisters boyfriend and he was also Casey’s best friend. I knew of Casey.....But Ryan wanted us to meet and hang out for years, but I had a boyfriend. Life took us in different directions. Life. But when the unheard of happened, Ryan’s sudden death at the young age of 25, Case and i’s paths ended up crossing. My sister leaned on me, she also leaned heavily on Casey. 12 years later, Case and I are living our life and 10 years into it, Eastwood Rebel was born. Life. Again. Works in ways, way out of our control. Thank you Winnie, for my little family. Never forgotten. 7.8.2006

Cowboy take me away
#KennyChesney 🎟

You won’t know it’s the last time until it never happens again. The last time they reach to be picked up, or point and whine for more milk, the last time they reach for your hand or look back to make sure you’re following them. Try to treat each moment like it’s the last time, because once it stops, and you realize those moments are over, the “lasts” will surely be missed. And so I want to hold him in my arms a little longer today, because already my baby is gone. #18Months #Toddler #EastwoodRebel

We got that🚤☀️” RAY BAN 🕶 vision”
“dude, mom, we’ve been on this houseboat🛳for🤪 7 might be time to go home now” 🤪. #EastwoodRebel

Steppin into Sunnier☀️☀️dayzzz....

Dementia took the only thing my grandma JoJo had left from her, the ability to breathe. It is a silent killer, it doesn’t discriminate against race, religion, healthy, not healthy, rich or poor. It stripped everything from her, everything she had to offer. It is a slow but heartbreaking and painful process, not only for the person living it but for the family who is watching. It will NOT and NEVER did define her, all that ever mattered was the love we had for each other, the love that will last my entire lifetime. We were very close, inseparable every weekend growing up. As the first born grandchild and a spitting image of her, I felt I was pretty dang special.😉. She was my entire world, my spirit, my soul. Her heart was pure, and I mean pure, not one mean bone or thought or action, in her small petite frame. I sit here and I just can’t even write what she meant to me. There are just not enough words in the dictionary to describe her or how she impacted my life. All I know is what I feel. She was an angel that walked among us down here on earth, she just didn’t have wings. But now she has those wings above. Even though we knew it was coming, it’s still so hard when it happens. I will try and carry her legacy, but that’s gonna be hard to do. She is just irreplaceable.💔

I felt you. You were a pea. Then a lemon. Then an eggplant. I followed advice. I even quit caffeine. Could you tell I was scared? I talked to you. I protected you...... but I wasn’t ready. But then you were here. 10 toes. 4 1/2 lbs. LOVE. BIG LOVE. I held you. I fed you. I Realized I would spend my life making you happy, and that would make me happy. And then.....there are the times I want to give up, rethink my sanity, fall at my own mothers feet and thank her. But then you smile and grab my hand with those tiny little fingers. We are growing together, we are seeing the world like it’s new. You’ll giggle and I’ll do it all over again. We walk hand in hand all the time these days. And will continue, until you let go. I made YOU, but YOU made me a MOTHER.👩‍👦.

Take another shot they said...
😫🇲🇽🌯. Side Note:—— F🖕🏼Budweiser 🍺🤮. #Coors for Life🍺.

If there is no way down, I guess Case just creates one 😵☝🏼 . #toyota #1995 #landcruiser #fj80
drone📸: @geofffff 👍🏼

I don’t talk much about this “dad” of ours here✖️. 1. Bc he won’t allow it. ✖️2. Bc he really won’t allow it. ✖️✖️He doesn’t dig Social media. 📱But his name is Case Wilson. And I’m purposely going against his wishes. 🤷🏼‍♀️Bc pretty sure Eastwood Rebel thinks he has super powers🔮. He’s devoted, loyal, and committed to our son. He does a lot to give Eastwood everything. And show him everything. Like another trip to the Moab 🌵☀️🏕Desert.

To REBEL✖️🖤✖️:
Where you look society in the face and say, I understand what you want me to be, but I’m gonna show you who I actually am. #EastwoodRebel

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