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ADRI. G.  reppin' LIFE since 1981♐️ & “Mommyhood” since 12.19.16♐️ EASTWOOD REBEL 🙇🏻💙

🖤⚡️best friends for life⚡️🖤

I don’t want him growing up afraid to tell me things. “You drank” ok. “You smoked” ok. “You’re struggling” that’s ok too. I want him to talk to me without him feeling like he’s going to be punished. I don’t want him feeling like he needs to isolate himself or keep things from me. I want him to feel safe. Never any judgement. When it’s hard to trust anyone these days, I want him to know, I’ll ALWAYS BE HERE. ....

Who says you can’t skate in Jordan’s👟👟☺️? #20mos —- every morning after I put a fresh outfit on him for the day, I pat his butt and say “go get em tiger 🐅 .” he then proceeds to 🏃🏻‍♂️run out of his bedroom ready to conquer anything.—- from an obsession to playing basketball 🏀 to now trying to conquer this skateboard...... HE is LIFE👩‍👦. #EastwoodRebel

“Don’t you grow up in a hurry”—- Ye
#20mos #EastwoodRebel

Eastwood Rebel’s Mom & Dad.

Life Never tells us the When’s or Why’s. 7.7.13-7.31.18 💔#SirChance “Angels come down from the heavens, just to help us on our way. Come to teach us, then they leave us, and find some other soul to save” “Don’t go lookin for the reasons, Don’t go Askin’ Jesus why. We’re not meant to know the answers, they belong to the by and by” 🎼🎤Chris Stapleton: Broken Halos.
Our hearts are not broken, they are shattered. He was my gentle giant, my beast, my sidekick, with the sweetest kindest most sincere soul. Sir Chance was everything. And his life was cut far too short, he was still my little boy. He saved me for the last 4 1/2 years. Saved me. Thanks for loving Eastwood, and please as momma asked you, as you peacefully passed over to 🌈 Rainbow Bridge on your favorite blanket in our front room, ‘Come back to me, someway or somehow’ #FcukCancer 💔💔

Nothing else will ever make you as Happy, as Sad, as Tired or as Proud, as MOTHERHOOD. Because nothing is as hard as helping a person develop their own individuality, all while struggling to keep your own. 👩‍👦 #EastwoodRebel

🖤Family First 👆🏼. #EastwoodRebel

Everybody’s love story starts somewhere right? Well this is mine. If you don’t know. It’s because of Ryan Tuft Winquist. He was my sisters boyfriend and he was also Casey’s best friend. I knew of Casey.....But Ryan wanted us to meet and hang out for years, but I had a boyfriend. Life took us in different directions. Life. But when the unheard of happened, Ryan’s sudden death at the young age of 25, Case and i’s paths ended up crossing. My sister leaned on me, she also leaned heavily on Casey. 12 years later, Case and I are living our life and 10 years into it, Eastwood Rebel was born. Life. Again. Works in ways, way out of our control. Thank you Winnie, for my little family. Never forgotten. 7.8.2006

Cowboy take me away
#KennyChesney 🎟

You won’t know it’s the last time until it never happens again. The last time they reach to be picked up, or point and whine for more milk, the last time they reach for your hand or look back to make sure you’re following them. Try to treat each moment like it’s the last time, because once it stops, and you realize those moments are over, the “lasts” will surely be missed. And so I want to hold him in my arms a little longer today, because already my baby is gone. #18Months #Toddler #EastwoodRebel

We got that🚤☀️” RAY BAN 🕶 vision”
“dude, mom, we’ve been on this houseboat🛳for🤪 7 might be time to go home now” 🤪. #EastwoodRebel

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