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Adrienne Orpheus 🌸✨  ▶️ 👩🏽‍🎤 Artist 🧘🏽‍♀️ Barre & Yoga instructor 💕 Survivor 🌻 Spiritual warrior 🌞 nonbinary 🥘 vegan food 👇🏽

My journey through Maui continues with an amazing Luau at @feastatlele! 🌺

We wanted to go to a luau, but I was hesitant because I do not eat meat/eggs/dairy. After some research, I found out that @feastatlele offers a vegan meal upon request. I’m happy to say the entire experience was amazing! The food, drinks, musicians, and performances were all top notch. 🍹🌺👌🏽 It was such an honor to be in the presence of so many talented artists and performers. I highly recommend checking it out!

Photo by @feastatlele
Dress by @prana 🌺
Flower crown made by me!

We’re about to enter the special stage 🐠 💫

My travels have brought me to Maui this month. This is the first “real” vacation I’ve taken in a long time, since I’m always working at the same time that I’m traveling. It feels different to not be working all the time. We are doing all the vacation things like snorkeling and whale watching.

We actually went snorkeling twice on this trip because we didn’t get a chance to take cool pics on the first one. 🙃 I’m glad we did because this snorkeling/whale watch with @fourwindsmaui was actually wayyy better than the other one we did. Not only because they took these awesome photos (and offered camera rentals so we could take our own) but more importantly because they actually offered VEGAN BURGERS FOR LUNCH!!! What what! I straight up starved on the other whale watch because they didn’t have anything I could eat. Additionally, we saw a lot more coral and fish on this trip 🐠 •
Even if you are not vegan, I strongly recommend @fourwindsmaui. 🐋 Thank you for these photo and for the vegan burger 🍔

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! If you’ve been following me for a while you know this has frequently been an extremely difficult day for me. In 2017 I was ghosted RIGHT before Valentine’s which really sucked. I struggled with all things love related my whole life - especially romantic relationships, but even friendships were really hard for me.

After dating a few shitty, abusive people that same year (2017), I decided I was going to focus 100% on healing myself and how I handle all relationships (both platonic and romantic) before I tried to find love again. I read many books about love, dating, and relationships. I did a lot of meditation and kundalini yoga. I addressed my Love Addiction (yes this is a thing), which I was very obviously in the throes of. As a result of this journey, I learned SO much about myself, love, and relationships. What eventually happened is that I didn’t have to search for love at all. Instead love found me, in the form of my beloved partner Alan, my @purebarrevancouverwa family, and the friends I’ve met through my kundalini yoga teacher training.

If you’re struggling on this day or any day, know that healing is always possible if you’re willing - no matter what!

How are you celebrating love today and every day?

I got a new tattoo on Friday! I love my pink and purple crystal so much I decided to get a blue one to match. 🥰 Cuz I’m a crystal warrior! Both crystals were done by @louie_cypher at @ritualarts_pdx! 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀

When I step up to the barre, my goal is to walk out the door at the end of class feeling stronger than when I started. 🙌🏽

💪🏽 Thank you to my @purebarrevancouverwa fam for this photo. 💕

My locker at @soulcycle reflects my unicorn aesthetic... 💖

This Christmas I’m thinking about how far I’ve come... My sister found this pic from the Christmas where I got a @sega Game Gear (I’m guessing it was 93 or 94??) - the best and most memorable childhood Christmas gift I ever received!

I took the second pic last night.

Last year’s holiday season was a dark time for me, and I spent Christmas alone. It makes me especially grateful that this year I’m feeling good and was able to celebrate with my friends and family.

I wish everyone a happy holiday. 🎄 And if you’re struggling or spending it alone, know that with even a tiny amount of faith and resilience, the painful times can and will come to an end. 💕

Flashback to over the summer when we saw a grizzly bear 🐻 walk right behind a “beware of bears” sign in @glaciernps so we had to run back to the bike and get two canisters of bear mace and also I looked at mountains.

✨ We’re on the edge of greatness. 🎶 I lived LIFE this past summer but I’m ready to slay the rest of this year and 2019 🎈 who’s with me 🙌🏽

📸 by my beloved

“I don’t belong anywhere” is a feeling I’ve struggled with for most of my life. This has lead to a lot of time spent chasing the feeling of belonging.

I’ve “transplanted” myself a many times in search of the place where I do belong. I felt most myself in London, where I lived for four years. When my visa was up, though, I was forced to move on. Over time I have come to accept that God/the universe will always move me to the right place at the right time. If I belonged in London I would have been able to stay there. While it was painful at the time to have to leave I see now that I am more needed here. I just didn’t know it at the time.

“I don’t belong anywhere” is just a belief and it can be changed. As I let go of the need to “belong somewhere”, I learned I can belong everywhere.

“You belong here”. 💕

When I was visiting Spokane a while back I stumbled on this pixel artwork next to Boots bakery lounge and it spoke to me! Thank you @real_dopekawaii for this inspiration 🙏🏽

Perler art by @real_dopekawaii 💕

These days working out is one of the only things that keeps me sane. 😬

If I’m gonna fight the good fight I guess I better stay fit for it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Top: from my store (link in bio)
Shorts: @nike
Shoes: @asics
At: @thedavenportgrand

My beloved cat passed away unexpectedly last night. He was 20 years old.

Cw: long post, death, suicide

When I got Tiger, I nicknamed him Tigh, (pronounced “tie”). He came into my life at the perfect time. Somehow I knew he was a special boy and we had a special connection.

These days a lot of people try to claim “emotional support” status on everything from peacocks to spiders, but Tigh was an emotional support animal in the truest sense of the term.

When I drove out to Newton, Massachusetts to throw myself into the Charles River and end my life, the thought of Tigh stopped me.

A few years later when I lived in LA I went through a very rough time and holding Tigh was one of the only things that made me happy. Eventually things got so bad I planned my own suicide down to the last detail. I knew the time, place, method, and day I wanted to do it. The thing stopped me was how my death would impact Tigh.

When I moved to Portland and started dating an abusive man he literally dug his nails into the guy’s leg (when normally he loves everyone) as if to say “GTFO”.

Tigh was already old when I got him (15), but I’m a firm believer that senior animals have just as much value & can bring just as much joy into our lives as puppies/kittens. I may have only had 5 years with him, but during that time, I worked my hardest to give him the most comfortable, adventurous, and happy life I could. Together we drove across country, flew in airplanes, and lived in 3 different states. He was the most loving, friendly cat I’ve ever known. I was hoping for a few more years with him but I believe that he transitioned because he knows his work with me is done. He came to my life to save my life and he accomplished his goal.

I’ll continue to maintain his Instagram @goodguytigh until I run out of pics.

I’ll end this with a quote from a pet cemetery tombstone (see last pic):

“‘He was only a cat’, but he was human enough to be a great comfort in hours of loneliness and pain”

Today’s the final day of the #SensualSelfieChallenge 💕 I’m tardy to the party because I was on the road today traveling through Spokane on my way to Glacier Park. I took these quick pics in our hotel room that actually turned out pretty good (@thedavenportgrand is gorgeous by the way!).

My beloved (who does not use Instagram) asked me why I was taking these pics. So I said the first thing that came to my mind which was “I’m trying to get some enjoyment out of life”! 😂 •
Another thing he asked is if I thought about wearing make up in any of my selfies (even though he insists I don’t need it!)
That’s a good question. I love make up but I don’t wear it that much (despite what you see in my YouTube videos). It’s a little bit of a hassle and I sweat all the time so I constantly have to reapply. Also, I ALWAYS forget I’m wearing it and then rub my face with my hands and get eyeshadow all over myself. 🤦🏽‍♀️ So I chose to just leave it off for most of these pics.

Thank you to @evyan.whitney for hosting this challenge and @galadarling for the inspiration!! I’m learning to be more comfortable in my skin every day. Thank you everyone for your loving and supportive comments. I look forward to continuing my self love journey with you all. 💕

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