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Jesmin Avila 💋  CEO of Adorned with J. Avila 🙏🏽🙌🏽 ❣Beauty ❣Fashion ❣Inspire ❣Empower Sugar High Babe Ambassador #sugarhighbabes http://bit

Found myself again 🙏🏽 #selflove #liveyourbestlife

It's a no makeup and beach type of Tuesday 🏖🏝 #beach #california #beaches #californiabeaches

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. #selfcare

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.

All I can think about is making sure this reaches all of you. Last year you guys helped to send 1000 survivors to the Haven retreat. But this year we are going big.
1 conversation is 52 cents for the Younique foundation. $60 and Defend Innocence can approximately speak to 120 parents and community members.
When we sell out Defend Innocence can speak to 3 million people.
This bundle can create ripples like nothing else before. If we share it and talk about it we make a difference.
I want to break the silence. I want to speak up. I want to share the correct resources. Maybe there is someone in my friends list that battles with their own emotions. I don't know unless I share it with so many of you. And I will not stop talking about it.

If you can make a difference with either sharing this post or with a donation I know I'm doing my part🙏🏽 Because this I why I started my journey with Younique. Because we CAN make a difference with our makeup and all these beautiful ladies I'm surrounded with every day.

#MakeManyRipples #ThrowAStoneIntoTheWaterWatchTheRipples

Helft mir die Unschuld zu schützen

Wusstest du dass 1 von 5 wird sexuell belästigt vor dem 18. Lebensjahr?

Wusstest du dass 90% der Kinder ihren Angreifer kennen?

Wusstest du dass 30% Familienmitglieder die schuldigen sind?

Wusstest du dass die Chance verdreifacht ist bei Kindern mit einer Behinderung ?

Wir möchten eine Konversation starten und ich weiss dass ihr uns dabei helfen könnt. Mit 64€ könnt ihr circa 120 Gespräche starten. Es ist Zeit das stigma zu brechen. Es ist an der Zeit dass wir nicht dem survivor die Schuld zu geben. Mein Ziel sind 15 Spenden von euch in dieser Woche. Würdest du gerne helfen?

Teilen erwünscht

#MakeManyRipples #youniquedeutschland #brechtdasschweigen #schweigenistnichtimmergold

Look at my beautiful sponsor wearing her KUDOS 😍

Yes, we are a makeup company, but we are also a MISSION FIRST company.
We make a difference.
We rise together.
We empower each other.
We work together.
We educate.
This month we can truly make a difference. We can break the silence and we can educate the importance of informing our kids. Many times we think its inappropriate to say things or maybe we think we scare them. But maybe we have to do these things to teach them. Sexual abuse is a very judgmental topic and many don't see the things they might say as inappropriate. Sometimes a family member is protected and sometimes a friend is not a friend. Maybe that child thinks that's how its supposed to be because they know my parents so, it's just what it is. That is why it's so important to inform our kids it is not okay and it's not appropriate.
If you don't know how to educate your children age appropriate visit you can find guidelines on age appropriate education. Teach your children that it is not something you have to keep to yourself. We don't want to hurt our children we want to protect them.

Defend Innocence spends $0.52 per community member conversation and they are happy to educate. But we can help, your $60 donation can inform approximately 120 community members. You will receive a beautiful limited edition bundle as a thank you for your donation. I got mine, please get your and make a difference in someone's life.
#MakeManyRipples #DefendInnocene #MakeADifferenceWithMakeUp #fierce #strongwomen #empoweringwomen #missionfirst

This is going to be a long, but good one.
I watched a convention training hosted by my Black Status Upline L.B. she talks about our inner mean girl. Some of you have it and some of you don't. .
Well, I do have a mean girl and it reminds me of all the things some people said about me. I grew up with a single mom, until she met my wonderful stepdad. .
Childhood memories of bullying like body shaming, mocking me because I don't know my biological father, or simply because I was weird. I didn't have many friends and if I did, I was taken advantage of.
I wrote 'I am worthy of being seen' all over my notebook, while I watched her training. Then I wanted to burst it out into the world. Then I wanted to share my excitement of me knowing my worth... there she was the inner mean girl... no one wants to read this... no one one shares my one buys from my business...well guess what I care and I need to shout it...
I was not at convention this year, but I will be there next year. Orlando here I come!!!! And I know you guys will get me there!!!🙏🏽

It's not always just about the makeup... But its about the makeup that makes a difference 🙏🏽 help me support Defend Innocence. Starting an appropriate conversation can prevent your child from these consequences. Supporting this makes a difference.
It's time we take away the stigma of silence. Sexual abuse is a real issue. Stop silencing survivors. We all have a voice and we all should be able to speak up without judgment. We create ripples by simply starting a conversation. Please share

#FightFor0 #MakeManyRipples #DefendInnocene
#defendinnocencebundle #makeupwithamission

It's time to start a conversation
Sexual abuse is a not well outspoken topic for many women. Many women are not able to start this conversation because of the tremendous fear of judgment or someone not believing them. Many walk this earth in silence just because no one likes to talk about the consequences it might have for their significant other or their brothers. But shouldn't it be important to protect our children?

Defend Innocence wants to educate you the importance of a conversation starter. Conversations that are uncomfortable. On you can find information to properly educate your children according to your child's age. To prevent your child to have a awkward conversation with you. Or to prevent children from having to fear their abuser might get away because their story was not hear.

With this months KUDOS all proceeds will go to Defend Inocence. This will help 3.3 million conversations to educate parents, teachers and caregivers. Make sure to help us to #MakeManyRipples
#youniquefoundation #defendinnocence #makeadifferencewithmakeup

Okay dolls
All my Y-sisters are at convention this year and I'm super bummed I can't be there to squeeze you all. But I'm going to be there next year. How you ask? By selling 200 of these babies 🤷🏽‍♀️ now this will cover everything. Tickets, travel, food and hotel.

This weeks goal is to sell 35 mascaras to get my ticket. Will it be easy? NOPE. Is it possible? YAAAASSSS.

You guys will get me to convention! I feel it in my bones you guys 🙌🏽 #convention #younique #entrepreneur #mascara #ylife #adornedwithjavila

Today 9 years ago we said YES. We were young and dumb and we didn't know where we will end up after this, but we took a risk. We took a risk with each other. We had ups and downs, highs and lows and sometimes we gave up, but we were always there for each other.
I know our 9 years are far from perfect, but I would never wanna do it with anyone else, but YOU. You're by my side in good and bad times. With you I never lose hope. With you I never get discouraged, because if I question myself you're there to tell me otherwise.
You love me for who I am and the way I am. I can't imagine my life without you. Now we are building a life together with great careers and a bright future. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us, but until then I will enjoy every single moment with you by my side. I love you so much babe. Happy 9th anniversary my love! 🙏🏽😘❤ #weddinganiversary #goingstrong #9years #husbandandwife #marriage #loveofmylife #partnerincrime

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