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adoringthegirls♡  forever shipping elounor & payzer 💔 Zayn- 💖 *rumored to be with Gigi Liam- 💖 Louis- 💖 Harry- 💖 Niall - 💖

effortlessly beautiful ❤️

GORGEOUS GIRLS 😍 I wanna follow more 1D girlfriend accounts comment below if you are a Sophia, Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie account and I might follow you 💜💜💜 #sophiasmith #sophiasmithfanpage #sophiam #eleanorcalder #elounor #eleanor #daniellepeazer #payzer #perrieedwards #perrie #zerrie

obviously the only girlfriends at the time are Sophia and Perrie but I still want to post pictures of Eleanor and Danielle. But I wanna know who you would like to see the most of? #perrieedwards #sophiasmith #eleanorcalder #daniellepeazer #perrie #zerrie #sophiam #payzer #elounor #eleanor

posting a pic of dani because it's been a while and because she's gorgeous 💚 #daniellepeazer #dcp #payzer #peazer

I DONT HATE PERRIE I'M JUST EXPRESSING MY FEELINGS: Perrie was wearing her engagement ring when she left the house yesterday. You won, we lost. But jokes on you because as long as there is a smile on that boys face I will be happy. His happiness is our happiness. But that's just something you won't understand since you took his happiness, his dream away from him. << guys I know there is no conformation that p made z quit 1D but even a monkey can figure out she's a big part of his life rn >> #perrieedwards #zaynmalik #zaynleft1D #zerrie #perrie #zayn

lol zayn's aunt noticed my comment on zayn's sisters post...this is probably the closest I will ever get to him haha #zaynmalik #zayn #zaynleaving1D #deemalik #bridezileh

Today's the day Zayn decided to leave One Direction. It will never be the same. I'm thankful for what this boy has done for me. I know people think I'm crazy but he is my first love. I know love is supposed to be a 2 way feeling and even though I have never met him I know he loves me. It's this feeling I can't explain and that feeling is what I call love. I love him so much and wish him happiness in his life. Just a boy from Bradford who made me smile every day and stole my heart. #zaynmalik #zaynleaving1D #zayn #howlongwilliloveyou


no el did not start smoking again because of the break up her... she never quit smoking to begin with #eleanorcalder #eleanor #elounor #louistomlinson

umm boys...uhh okay then - side note: I don't think zayn's is bad I mean he's just talking to a girl and Louis is a single man now so I guess it's okay but it just feels too soon - 😢 #zaynmalik #zerriedrama #zerrie #louistomlinson #louiskissing

also I know I just started posting about the break up and didn't even fill u guys in about why I have posted since July but it's because I've been busy with school but don't worry summer is coming up and ya girl is back 😊 let's not talk about the 400 people that unfollowed me and let me just thank the rest of you for sticking around I'm going to start doing follower shoutouts again ❤️❤️❤️ #eleanorcalder

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