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Amanda 🦋  Hilarie Burton fanpage ☻ July 1st, 1982 an angel was born. “Gardening gloves are for sissies” - Hilarie

I really miss @hilarieburton I hope she’s having such a good day. She better be having some quality family time and being with the animals and the garden because she deserves all the happiness in the world 🌷😭💖

If she isn’t the most angelic thing to exist then idk

I edited this and idk why I find this kinda funny 😂 @hilarieburton ❤️

Sara Ellis has me shook

Made these today ❤️ #hilarieburton

Stumbled upon this masterpiece

Cutest photo of hil’s favorite dudes 💪🏻

Loved this look😍😍 season 6. #peytonsawyer #hilarieburton

The cutest human

She’s so cute I’m melting

I love all these photos. Our girl had the best day and I’m so happy everyone showered her with compliments and love. She truly deserves all the love and happiness in the world. Jeffrey surprised her and she played with her kids and had a wonderful day... I’m so happy that she felt peaceful and loved. ❤️ @hilarieburton I love you

She spammed me and so many today and it just makes me feel so appreciated and I love that she’s receiving all this love. She deserves nothing but the greatest birthday ❤️ @hilarieburton

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