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This 40s inspired white cotton set just arrived in the shop! Also, if you watch my stories I post fit notes, style ideas, and how it fits videos! I know buying online can be tricky since you can’t try things on. I really want to be as helpful as possible so I hope you gals find these videos informative when purchasing something from my shop! I’m a shopkeeper but I’m also a consumer (who mostly shops online lol) and this is info I’d want to know!

New arrivals are being peppered into the shop this afternoon like the Porch Stories Dress which really reminds me of the 1930s and the 1970s, my two favorite eras for clothing! Also I’m a sucker for any muted mustard color, floral print, AND a flutter sleeve...

Soft and pretty things arriving in the shop tomorrow... and a few new dresses too!

My bucolic blouse dreams come true... and it’s arriving in the shop on Thursday! And the skirt too! It’s the Meadow Grass skirt in a new color. Maybe I should list this and name it Meadow Pond? Meadow Grey? Meadow Perfect Shade of Grey Blue Green everrrrr?!

Did you know that Oregon doesn’t have sales tax? Which means we don’t charge sales tax. Tax free shopping all day everyday?! Yay! Did you also know oak trees don’t produce acorns until they’re 50 years old? I didn’t know that till this morning. Learn something new everyday! / photo by @brianamorrison

Le sigh, it’s all so feminine, romantic, and timeless. These are some of the pretty garments arriving in the shop on Thursday. I really love the off white sundress with large pockets, it’s so summery! 🌻 Also, the Lost in Provence Dress was just restocked again!

nos•tal•gia (n.) a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. / What do you have nostalgia for? Is there a song that brings you back instantly to a specific place, a time in your life, or maybe even the person you once were? Certain sounds will always remind me of warm summer days spent with my family in Vermont. How about you?

Next week’s shop update is shaping up a little like this and tomorrow @brianamorrison and I are going to shoot another mini lookbook showing you my favorite places in Portland, well a couple of them anyway. There are so many places I love in this city!

I love dresses that I can just throw on and then go about my day in. The Emerson dress that just arrived in the shop is one of those dresses. Relaxed feminine silhouette, lightweight fabric in a classic stripe, and has pockets (yasss!)... all the things I want for a summer dress I can wear year after year.

New arrivals trickling into the shop throughout the afternoon! Wish this easy breezy vintage summer dress fit me, would keep in a heartbeat! If only I was a little bit taller... also did you notice the shoulders button?! So cute!

Thanks everyone for your input on daily or weekly shop arrivals! I’m going to stick with the once a week bigger shop update versus 1-2 new items daily. This afternoon fresh vintage and modern will be arriving online including this muted yellow cotton pinstriped day dress. It’s so lightweight and perfect for summer!

When I’m deciding which modern pieces to stock at Adored Vintage I ask myself if this garment is going to be relevant in a year, in 2 years, 5 years? If the answer is yes, then it gets the A-OK. It means a lot to me if the clothes you purchase from my store become staple pieces in your wardrobe. It’s part of the reason I’ll almost always stock neutrals and muted colors and silhouettes that are timeless (also it’s a personal preference so I’m obviously partial, lol). Another big question I ask when deciding on modern styles is: “Can you wear a bra with this?” If the answer is no, then I usually won’t stock it. We ladies have real life stuff to deal with! Ain’t nobody got time to figure out special underwear! To find out more about my buying process, hop on over to the Shop Journal on the website!

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