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nikky 💘  ♡ love yourself & stay true ♡

Can someone help me make my account less boring bc I've had this account for a really long time that idek what to put in my captions anymore. I literally keep losing followers and I'm so confused as to what to do. If I ask qotd's then no one would answer them, if I talked about my personal life then I would just lose more followers. And if you are going to suggest me to start a theme rather then putting in a filter on my photos I'm too lazy. oh my god just please help me

wait wait wait. mac'n cheese or spaghetti bc I need to make a choice really quick

It's been so long that I've been on here that my followers rarely go up and I barely get any likes anymore. omg ok I'll try and be more active but I'm about to go to sleep. It just hit midnight and I have school today. Goodnight ily guys k 💘

I'm bored with the VMAS now, the nobody's are taking the stage now.

Beyonce did really good. I loved her so much.... but I had this worrying sensation that she was about to hit someone in the face with that bat. I've never been so hyped up in my life.

Y'all say Ariana slayed but tbh I thought she was fucking terrible. The only thing that was good about her performance was her vocals and I was soooo bored that every time she came to another verse my eyes literally glazed over. I like Ariana but tbh I think she can do better.

I'll be dead by the time Kayne decides to stop talking

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Please go to my profile and look at the photo in between the white squares, it's very important (1/2) ⚠️

Before I post my new theme I would like to address this "problem" that people find in this picture.
If you're going around saying that women/girls are disgusting for not shaving their body hair and body shaming for how they portray it, your opinion is invalid.
You can not, I REPEAT, you can NOT go around telling people how they should change their body. Body hair is not disgusting. It's a natural part of the body to grow hair. It's fine if you THINK that (because obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion) , but I'm signifying this to the people who makes comments and slams people down for being comfortable in their own skin (literally). Women are ALWAYS welcomed to be equal to men whenever they want to. You shouldn't slam them down because they aren't "body hair free". Your own gender might be in your DNA but choosing to act like a different one is a state of mind which there is nothing wrong with thinking that way. You don't have to shave to be a girl. This picture is actually inspirational because it gives off so many vibes and shows feminism. Miley is trying to tell you that it's okay to be comfortable in your own skin and that you can do whatever the hell you want with YOUR body and that no one else can tell you different. You don't have to be "lady-like" at all if its not how you really are. Please stop being so gender stereo-typical about other people just because it's not in your state of mind of how "lady's" should be like. No women will ever have freedom if they can't feel the need to express theirselves and do whatever they feel fit with their OWN body. This is also another reason why she created the LGBT community so that she can help the world become a better place and give people a new idea of thinking. please get your fucking head out of your ass and get a reality check. This "disgusting slut" you see in this picture is making more money then your mom and dad and actually putting some good use to it. She's not on Disney Channel anymore. It's been over 3 years now and you people are still being fucktards about her being herself. Don't be a dick about everything.