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Adonae Faris 

Finally going to watch Arrival tonight. Clementine won't see a single minute of it, but she's dressed for the occasion anyway.

This baby loves rice and beans. SURPRISING.

Reading a little Mustache Baby before bed. (The martinis are for after she lays down.)

Chilaquiles. The best way to start a full day spending time with Alex and Clementine.

The many sounds of Clementine.

All these toys and she wants to play with an empty water bottle and the plastic container her color crew plush toys came in.

An outtake. This babe is SO. DANG. COOT.

Hanging out in mom and dad's bed before heading to the crib. Those teeth!

It's official. We have surpassed our yearly average rainfall in the first 22 days of 2017.

Butter poached shrimp with homemade herb gnocchi, asparagus and a lemon butter sauce.

Hanging with grandma and looking like a garden gnome.

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