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shallow pals // not gonna lie, sifting through my archives this week for the launch of #dustandthewind has slapped a big ol’ grin on my chin // so many laughs, so many snaps •• here’s one i keep going back to today -- @torreymeister, hiding from the howling wind while heckles on, high and all-too-dry; thanks to the devil tide // i shot a quite a few rolls of #35mm this trip - mostly meanderings and road musings, but I did make a point to save one roll for this session • firing off #ilford400 on an 80's #Nikon with a beat-down 70-300 lens was a whole new test - a humbling experience of ready… steady... shreddy // thankful to have come home with some classics and a deeper respect for these roots • such a treat to have shot alongside the #baja wizard himself, @_drew_martin_, and champion #cheerios crusher, @clubmedsucks#grinspired 🙏 see more on @surfline // link in my bio // #smilepassiton #thisdreamjourney @sanuk

in dust we trust // thank goodness for the moments that quench our thirsty minds • sweet salty serendipity.... the delight of flight... mischief & mirage // our quick escape to the cape (and back) is now LIVE on the interweb • thanks to @sanuk and @surfline // enjoy #DustAndTheWind with @torreymeister @_drew_martin_ @clubmedsucks @eric_tomlinson @vajyena 🌵 #thisdreamjourney #loveatfirstswipe

tree't yourself, don't cheat yourself 🌲📻

funny how certain daydreams will just sneak up on ya // just now, visions from #Cuba rushed my brain like a freight train - this instant here in particular, from the heart of #Havana 🇨🇺 i remember this feeling - i couldn't believe my eyes as they stared out the salt-crusted side of our #volkswagen bus taxi... soaking in the humidity and heat of saturated streets flooded from a surprise swell // ride on • #admwlkrarchives #staywild @sanuk @staywildmagazine #thisdreamjourney

three stooges // take a close look at the calendar this week and you may discover something altogether epic... each one of these notorious knuckleheads had a birthday this week • first @torreymeister, then @mattmeola and today, dear ol’ • // by sea, their exploits, super natural abilities and reputations precede them // by land, there’s no denying their hearts are made from the finest salt of the earth • on display here, a cherished moment of aloha (welcome) preserved with a polaroid point&shoot 🎞 mokuleia beach, oahu twentysixteen • can’t thank you gents enough for your friendship // #happybirthday to yew #grownupgroms

#SPORTS // 🍻• two hands, zero problems ❌ thanks for an epic day @padres x @sanuk 🖤⚾️ and double #cheers to all the amazing humans who came out to play today // xx 📷: @noahcollins #grownupgroms

Have truck, will ramble • Have beer, will doodle 🍺👆🔥🍌 Epic #Baja roadie this week with these dirtbags 🌵😂 🇲🇽 thanks for the legendary laughs • @torreymeister @_drew_martin_ @vajyena @eric_tomlinson 📷: @clubmedsucks 🚌🏜#dustandthewind #cervezasandshoveits #grownupgroms

nature always wins 🌲🌲🌲 had such a blast exploring the internal Oregons this week 🏔 shoutout to the cruisiest view-chasin' crew this side of timbuktu // woo! 🏕 @sanuk @jolbyandfriends #thisdreamjourney #neature #oregon

((wait)) ...Cuba has waves?? 🤔 ((holy shit!)) Cuba has waves!! 😵 Despite the drive-by double takes, we couldn't believe our eyes... we rubbed them until we saw stars ✊️👀🔮 even then, @amoreda still needed a closer look... 🔍🌊 so here's the Puerto Rican prince; tucking himself in a tube (almost) too good to be true 🇨🇺 #QueBolaCuba @sanuk @staywildmagazine #cuba

🇨🇺 // @scrappers said it best - "If you're open, willing and sincerely interested, one trip to Cuba will change your life." Those words, ever true, have echoed in my head daily - dancing around, tugging on my heartstrings, marrying themselves to countless memories and captured moments 📷🎥 • #Cuba is, without question, a total game-changer... I feel so privileged to have experienced a slice of its vibrant history (and mystery) firsthand • shoutout the most incredible crew for making this adventure wholly unique: @scrappers @portablesera @amoreda @corina_rose. We've held our visions close, until now... 💃🏽🌴🌊 @sanuk & @staywildmagazine's story, #QueBolaCuba is out now • in print 🗞 and online - via the link in my bio • have a look, if you'd like 🙏 #thisdreamjourney #smilepassiton #havana

this woman right here... always laughs at all my dumb jokes • puts up with my shit when I'm stubborn, grumpy or hangry (never happens tho 😉) • calms me down when i stress out (super rare, i swear 😅) and does things like... overnighting my passport to exotic destinations when i lose my wallet on the first day of a trip (no comment 🤦🏻‍♀️) • she does it all - always has. i'm so damn lucky to call her my mother 🙏 here's to you Mumsy, wishing you the Happiest Birthday ever! can't wait to celebrate • love you, mean it // 🎉

spend even just a week in a tour bus and you'll soon discover life on the road is the most beautiful blur... // miles on the dial pile up like they're going out of style... showers (and sleep) become mythical things, strange as the people you meet • and time - precious time - seems to fly by and stand still all at once. as a tribute to that intoxicating paradox, here is one such frozen moment • a vision - from last night in #Marfa, #Texas: @donavon_frankenreiter, aglow post-show, under bright night skies of #elcosmico. whoa... #thisdreamjourney #elcosmico #smilepassiton @sanuk @elcosmicomarfa #ramblinradnesstour

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