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Admon  All the beauty in this universe can be captured in a dirty ashtray RIP mum, 2 April 2017 📿

She's got curves ♨️ #maserati #car #classic #melbourne

Throwback to 21st

Geeeewwwwd morning Earthlings!! 🔊👽 This is Double AA D-MON FM radio coming to you live from Melbourne 🎙️aaaand we have a doozer! 🎯Set your clocks early 🔔, jump high 🤾 and strides long 🏃 don't forget ladies and gentleman thats the only way to get to the moon 🤣 big smiles folks 😁have a wonderdidlyfun day and don't forget to buy your tasty Twix chocolate bar 🍫 from all good supermarkets on your way to work work work!
#morning #sky #melbourne #craigieburn

Fireworks display outside my house celebrating the something new year

#fireworks #happymonday

Continuing the mean machine car theme here is a photo of a cyclist that I took while walking the streets of Shibuya.

#shibuya #tokyo #458 #cyclist #ferrari

After I die I want to be reincarnated as a Porsche 911 turbo
#porsche #carrera #gt #classic #911 ... also an #aston and #Jaguar but who cares about those

Sydney x Hogwarts architecture
#sydney #building #architecture #harrypotter

If Blade Runner was Chaldean #2049 #bladerunner

Merry Christmas from my family to yours ♥️

"Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong." Ali .
#muhammadali #ali #quote #purple #mural #everlast #southmelbourne #manila

May I monsieur indulge in the assumption that my family is more religious than yours? Don't be alarmed, your chances of going to heaven is no less than mine - it's just a rational conclusion based on my observations. Let me put it to you this way, we have enough Christian artwork adorning the fortifications in our house to match the Sistine Chapel, we attend church frequently enough to recite unintelligible foreign hymns without needing to read off a book, and my grandfather (and widely reported, widely read uncle) are both high-up ordained priests with white collars to match their virtuous lives. Yet my dear comrade, as I alluded to earlier in this post, you shouldn’t mistake religious adherence for religious subservience. Yes, a clear contradiction to blind faith that is often harmfully preached - that is, the more often you go to church, the more prayers you recite (together with unquestionable faith guiding your spiritual journey) the more likely you'll land on heavenly clouds. I have often debated the teachings and virtues of my religion and I continue to be challenged by my own socratic line of questioning. In fact, being inquisitive of one’s own faith should be held to high esteem as an indication of earnestness, compared to the disingenuous false public image that comes with blind faith as if some goodwill gesture to family and community pressure. With all of this doubt, one thing is for sure - the world would be a lot grayer without religious architecture. This is the interior of the Greek Orthodox church in Yarraville.
#happyfriday #church #family #prose #religion #stoicism #stoic #seneca #spiritual #yarraville #melbourne --

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