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Adlina Zainol  La tahzan innallaha ma'ana . In my Heart Only الله


"Takpa haihh..
Hari ni hampa bagi
kami sakit hati...
Semoga bahagia buat
kat orang lagu nie nohh..."

He sticks to his guns
He take the road as it comes
It take the shine off his shoes
He says it's a shame
You know it may be a game
Ahh.. but I won't play to lose
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Dear Sleep,
I cheated on you this week with Stress, but I hope that you will forgive me and that we can spend ALL weekend making up.
Love, Me

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A bug bally birthday to my sister! I love you unconditionally. I am so grateful to have you as a lil sister. What I admire the most about you, you never allow things to stress you..but u stress me instead..😝😝May Allah swt blessed u always... I love you so much! #21december #lovemyfamily❤️


Lil sis ❤️

Quick discussion with hot mummy ❤️

Bersabar la wahai hati 😌

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