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Things around me  📍 Jakarta 📧 🌐

Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

Finally, I’ve joined the tribal pattern blanket club! Something that I thought I wouldn’t experience because it’s too mainstream, but I just couldn’t help it and straightly jumped to the stream when someone asked me to tag along in this impromptu shots this morning.


Taking photos is fun again!

Finally, Fujifilm made its first ever square format analog Instax camera, the SQ6. Pardon my back, this is what happened when you're not confident enough with your face. LOL!

#InstaxKeepItReal #SquaredbySQ6


From the exclusive preview of Yayoi Kusama ~ Life is the heart of a rainbow only at @museummacan. Open for public 12 May - 9 September 2018. Jakarta will be the last destination of this exhibition, there's a slight difference between the one that held in Singapore, you have to pay a visit to discover it!

Please be aware that using only mobile phone camera is allowed if you want to take some photos. There are rules to follow to keep this experience of appreciation enjoyable.


It’s been a while since the last time I posted a photo here. Sometimes taking a break when the passion of taking photos is slowly fading really helps you overcome that insecurity.

But I found another way to fire up that passion, by taking photos using Instax. Suddenly it feels fun again, at least for me :)

#instax #instaxsquare #instaxindonesia

Hope is not a waste of time.

#peoplesback #XF35WR #XH1

Over the horizon.

#XF50140 #XH1

The Urban Wanderer.

Let me share one or two things how I came up with this series. I always take the same shortcut to go back to my place, there’s a small and narrow alley, it’s not beautiful but I thought it will be perfect for a shoot like this one. Then, without any hesitation, I made a photo series (and layout everything into a booklet) and also a simple video (i’ve already share it here) without any hassle in only one day, around the alley and the surroundings.

And I’m thinking to give the booklet and a poster to one of my followers. What do you think about this idea? Any thoughts?

#XC1545 #XA5

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