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Aditi Parashar (ertsy)  "We rise when we lift others"~ 22; Traveling in Style | PositiveVibes | Feminist | Lux Management student in Paris🗼 Blog👇🏻❤️

Throwback to the time sun was so warm and kind to us, and we took it for granted. 🙏🏻😭
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Because only when you believe in yourself you achieve what you stand for!
I gifted this beautiful, customized, super ERTSY brand-worthy phone case to myself to celebrate my blog, my Instagram 5k & just my dream in general.
For those who STILL don't know, Ertsy or is my Travel in Style blog that you can read and revel via link in bio. 🖤

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. Just be and by yourself!"
This week's outfit post now on blog via link in bio 🖤😇
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You won't believe what happened this weekend! I let a 'guy' friend decide my outfit for the #ertsylookoftheweek post and I look so different but not at all disappointed!
Check out the complete look via link in bio and tell me how you like in comments below! 🖤😇😘
All courtesy, @shashwat11tripathi 🙏🏻❤️
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"When one doesn’t have the things that one loves, one must love what one has.”
Because failure is inevitable but a positive attitude would never fail you!
Head to the blog to learn some interesting French proverbs, their beauty, and the cultural significance! 🖤🖤
📸 by @_._shyam_._
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"Chacun voit midi à sa porte”
Translating literally to“Everyone sees noon at his doorstep.”, beautifully explains, the unfortunate subjective nature of truth. "

Because the French wine isn't the only thing that is a breakthrough into the culture, the French Proverbs are, too. This week on the blog - 5 French Proverbs that exemplify the beauty of the very language.
Link in bio ❤️🖤

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings."
Life is to lift others so we rise! 🖤
Have you seen the new outfit post with reversed aesthetics in a part two of last week's look from the Parisian streets? Link in bio 🖤🌺
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Personifying elegance with a new outfit post showcasing reversed aesthetics in a part two of last the week's look. This time on the Parisian streets instead of the wilderness. Link in bio .🌺😘
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~Pretending life is all chill, so hard~ 😂 🗼
Fall in love with your hair like I have since I discovered these awesome homemade hair care routines!
Link in bio 🖤
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'The true essence of freedom is to have something without owning it.'
Have you seen the PastelSpring look as I travel in style in Paris ? 🌷
Link in bio x
Loving this candid shot while I was literally just mesmerized by the view and closing my bag 😂
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To the laziness of sunny afternoons with amidst everything beautiful to rejuvenate your spirits.
~The spring is here in all its glory to paint you in its pastel shades! Read my blog with pastel aesthetics and collaboration with a brand that conserves marine lives via link in bio x
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"Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves."
A sneak-peak of what's on the blog today; an outfit that help conserves the marine life(with some discount for you). Link in bio ❤
Flaunting my @sand_cloud ! 🦋
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