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Aditi Parashar (ertsy)  We rise when we lift others~ 23; Travel in Style Blogger |PositiveVibes |Feminist |Management student Paris🗼 aditi@erubescentecstasy.com Get Ertsy 😺👇🏻


Of course, you get that wisdom when you’re flying over the Swiss alps! 🙌🏻
(YES, I clicked this picture)
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Autumn fashion inspiration with this throwback to the power of Street Style!
Sailor caps, Denims, Bohemian, Gingham, Hipster (Jazz) fashion, etc are just a few examples of everything that originated from the streets and was taken up by the fashion houses. Continues to this day!
Read more via link in bio x
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Even as the city ages, the charm of Venice never gets old.
Can’t wait for my next Italian trip this winter!
I’ve got a blog via link in bio with 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Venice x

Even if the sun isn’t shining on you, even if the days are getting dark, always know that you’re worthy and have hope.
Don’t wait for happiness, make it happen! 🖤
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'It is all in your head'
Yeah, but your head is directly responsible for all your bodily functions so how does that make it any less serious?
Coming with ‘5 questions that will help determine your mental health’ at the end of mental illness awareness day because mental health is a big part of your well being and it is imperative we discuss about it.
Mental Illness Awareness means recognizing that mental illness is as real as any physical illness.
Read on via link in bio.
Support, Love, and Care to the fighters ❤
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I believe that’s you waiting for this week’s article! Well, well, well. Major Autumn inspo article that comes on blog tomorrow !
Meanwhile, go read the last one! ❤️

Feminist(n): A person who supports equal rights for all genders.
So, when I say Female Equals Future, I don’t mean to ask you to put women first. I ask you put the oppression, stereotypes, and judgements in the past. I ask you to empower the female of the future. And it will start when we as women, ourselves, start to embrace and revel being one.
So, throw like a girl, act like a girl, run like a girl, boss around like a girl, cry like a girl, fight like girl, and be the girl you are. Because being a girl is not an insult, it is a power.🙌🏻 💪 .
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Sonder (n.): The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.
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“That girl.
Who doesn’t fit in,
Who puts herself first and stays independent,
Who chooses her own boundaries,
Who is too smart for her own good,
Who often wanders out of the lines.
You were told not to be
That girl.
That girl who
But they forgot
That girl
Is who you are.”
Uncover your Future. 🙌🏻
Complete ‘Female Equals ...” in comments below & share your perspective x
(( There’s a blog to determine your alpha woman ness via link in bio, too))
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It doesn’t do well to dwell on dreams unless you’re ready to lose sleep over them. 🙌🏻
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“Those who restrain desire, do so
because theirs is weak enough to be
restrained; and the restrainer or
reason usurps its place and governs
the unwilling.”
-William Blake
Marriage of Heaven and Hell
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For me, if Friday was a place it would be Venice. What do you think ?❤️
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