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Adinda A. Mahakita  A living stardust.


Whats good, Sunday?

Look out (2018) ‘cause here I come🎩🎪#jamminnotjammin

Just me and one of my favorite books in 2017💁🏼‍♀️

It’s that time of year! Happy Christmas from us🎄❤️

Could the blind leads the blindfolded?
Semsar Siahaan

Been procrastinating my gratitude towards these coolest smart-ass clowns in town🕶
Stephanie, Agung, Selma, Shiddiq and Indra thank you for being you and bringing more colors in my lifelong learning journey. Never been good in creating long flowery captions. Won’t say much, but one thing: lets make a dent in the universe🌏😚
Evan, we nailed it!💯 #youngleadersforindonesia


Overdose on your love and support through these past four years. Well, not really, but kinda❤️

Happiest birthday to the girl in the middle❣️the one who always been there since day 1. Thank you for being your own kind of star and falling upon my life constellation. Don't ever lose your sparks. You're gorj and you have always been. You know I love ya.
P.S: for the girl on the left, miss me, not?

They said I have my grandmother's eyes.

Who has a dream here? How many dreams have you achieved? What kind of struggles do you face to achieve it?

Everyone should have a dream, shouldn’t they?
Part of us complain about the clothes that started to dull when others are confused on how to get it.
Half of us are easily bored with the gadgets we have while others still have to learn on how to use it.
Some of us simply abandon the books when others need a reading intake to catch up.
And there's always be a mindset inside of us that compares the physical and cognitive differances of one and another while the others feel God loves them in a special way.
Did you know? 15% of Global Population are categorized as Difable. Where 84% of them are living in Developing Countries (including in Indonesia) and face poverty that correlates with the quality of education, health, food, skills, and jobs. Data from UNESCO showed 90% of Difable boys can't go to school while only 1% of Difable girls can read. Based on WHO, 12% of Indonesian total population is Difable where their existence are on the risk of poverty.
Design for Dream is the first Indonesian Difable Crowdfunding Platfrom that aims to advocate, support, and realise Difable dreams who lived under poor economic level, and achieved through product campaign.
Stay tune Difable heroes, Design for Dream will be updated towards the future programs of “Kakak Mimpi”, “Adik Mimpi”, “Ajukan Mimpi”, “Bantu Mimpi”, and “Aksi Mimpi”.
keep alert on us
IG : @designfordream
Facebook : Design for Dream
Line@ : @qzm0068t
Website : www.designfordream.id
#DesignForDream #NowDreamsSoundMoreInclusive

These past few months were full of food, coffee, calories, jokes receh, Chintya's trashy songs and fire balls. It was all amaaaaaazing because I got to spend it with all of you💖💖💖 #byefornow

No one is colorless, yet we learn to fabricate our own colors.

A long drive, sky and sea.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it's always our self we find in the sea.
E.E. Cummings

You know you're real siblings when rock-paper-scissors becomes your favorite way to decide who'll go first in almost everything. #irrelevant #thatsok

Lensed by @felimhkt

We've always been half goddess, half hell.

Here's to more sides of us we haven't yet discovered; til old and gold✨

Goodluck di Ams, Van. Buckle up for your new adventures and prolly, love💞

Here's for challenges in 2017. #366of366

(1/3) Merry and bright💙 #ThisChristmas

(2/3) Aint twins but act like one💙
/featuring Bubu on the frame/ #ThisChristmas

(3/3) Goin' blue with the Mahakitas💙 #ThisChristmas

I tend to believe in anyone, but myself. I, most of the times, could not express warm feelings towards those who matters to me. Therefore, through this post with not-so-flowery caption, I'd like to say thank you for believing in me. What I have learned from you three during #AYIC are beyond words. See you on top, buttercup!🍻

When you could not get a song out of your head. #moana🌺

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