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Ready for action.
Forget what the haters say. Be you, know your power and always act from within it. The only way to reach your goals are consistent actions towards them daily.⚡️ #adeyemi #adeysworld #agvrider #dainesecrew #bikelife 📷 @fangy1zhou

I love my current all black custom Kangaroo Mugello @daineseofficial suit. It fits like a glove and is super light compared to the cowhide suits off the rack. The custom route was necessary for me because I have long legs and a short torso. Which made off the rack suits difficult to fit on me. Plus I like to stand out from the crowd. Everyone and their mama wears a D suit in the canyons these days. If you have a odd shape or prefer not to blend in with the masses, Dainese’s custom works experience is for you. Check out these pics illustrating the process your suit will go through. I’ve seen it in person at the factory in Italy. A wonder to see and be around. For more info on the experience, visit their site
#adeyemi #dainesecrew #agvrider #bikelife

Tough day at Fontana last Sunday. My sciatic nerve issue popped up beginning of the first session and had to immediately exit the track. Luckily @bennysolis35 showed me a hip opener stretch which prolonged my riding for a good 3 sessions. The bike didn’t steer how I liked, so I will be paying Alex White(Motorcycle Performance) a visit this sat so I can do a shake down at ACH. This way the bike is good for @trackdaz Aug 4th trackday. Lastly I gotta pick up another set of rear sets, stock ones ain’t doing it for me at the pace I wanna ride at. It ain’t easy coming back from a bad injury. But I refuse to give up the fight. Can’t wait to get back out there to find my pace.✊🏽 #Adeyemi #adeysworld #agvrider #dainesecrew #pirellimoto

I was going through my old hard drive and came across these pics from 2011. The original wolf pack! Myself, Max, Bobby, Alex and Brendan. We jokingly formed this pack way back then after meeting up to ride almost every Sunday at the Rockstore over the course of maybe a year before forming the pack. We made the ground on Mulholland shake when our 5 crossplane R1’s roared through the Snake at a pace matched by few. We rode almost wheel to wheel on every road in Malibu. That’s a deep trust I haven’t come across since. I know everyone that rides has their own respective group they ride with on the reg. Tag your pack members! 📷 @sheraisrad #adeysworld #bikelife #thesnake #mulholland

The red suit!🤘🏽
Since most riders at the Snake today don’t ride the entire road. I had to throw this old(2011) vid up. This video also shows that when you get held up by traffic, it’s extremely difficult to catch back up. Enjoy!! #adeysworld #dainesecrew #thesnake #mulholland

Snake circa 2011.
I still have these gloves! They’re beat to death with holes in them.😋 But I’ll never part with them. This was when I was riding hard af through every corner on the Snake. 0 fucks given back then. I’m a lil more reserved now. I still love riding on the street, something I’ll never get tired of. I just need to implement more trackdays in between. Speaking of, I’ll be at Fontana for the first time this upcoming Sunday. Holler if you’re going. 📷 @sheraisrad #adeysworld #dainesecrew #bikelife #thesnake

Flashback Fri! When the Snake was the place to be on Sunday. 📷 @sheraisrad
#adeysworld #bikelife #dainesecrew

This is why I love driving/riding in the canyons. I crossed paths with this Audi that was moving rather quickly in the opposite direction yesterday. I was in the middle of wrapping a vid with @shutter_smack . I was like hurry up so I can go chase this guy.🤣 We got our shot and took off to find him. Finally caught up to him a few miles down and began to egg him on.😈 He took the bait and accelerated like a bat outta hell. Guy can drive and his car was nicely setup. We had a spirited run to the bottom of the mountain. Ended up befriending the guy at the gas station. @tosinabasi great to meet you man. Respect.🤙🏽 Let’s do it again soon. Don’t sleep on the M3!😈
#adeyemi #m3 #r8 #bmwm #audi 📹 @shutter_smack

This is me passing @monster.r1 this past Sunday. I told him to work on his corner entry speed. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Once I pass ya, good luck keeping up.🙋🏽‍♂️⚡️💨
And bro, clean that damn windscreen if you’re gonna be filming me.😏😎
Tag a friend who can’t keep up with ya.
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Back by popular demand. Here’s the booty shot y’all keep dm’ing me about. #adeyemi #adeysworld #r1 #ach #bikelife #pirellimoto

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