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ADEYEMI  Same shit different engine note Owner Brand Ambassador: @daineseofficial @agvhelmets @pirellimotousa Sponsor @modecarbon @ceramicprousa

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the @dainesela opening party Oct 18. Who’s riding through? #adeyemi #adeysworld #dainesecrew #agvrider 📹 @benmayot

The hustle never ends. I’m always in motion keeping others around me in action. #adeyemi #adeysworld #motivated #grateful 📷 @renaissanceman

I shot this video with @ultimatedrivingtips when I first picked up my 2018 M3 Competition Package. But because of my busy schedule and misc other reasons, I haven’t been able to sit down with my editor to complete the video for YouTube. I just wanted to share with you @ultimatedrivingtips , he’s been instrumental in my growth as a driver. Like I’ve said in the past, if you see me next to someone, guaranteed they’re better than me at something. I prefer to position myself around people I can learn from. If you’re interested in becoming a faster more competent driver, then go check out his feed and see if it suits you to follow him. I implore those who drive the canyons especially to seek out his help because I see many drivers in the canyons trying to be fast, but they lack the skill and knowledge to be as fast as they wanna be. Knowledge and skill is key to being safe around all those who venture onto mountain roads. Keep up! #adeysworld #adeyemi #bmwm #bmw #m3 #f80 #driver #keepup

We love the mountain.
I’m grateful to be able to enjoy this road on my bike and in my car. Both experiences are drastically different but equally fulfilling. How many of you can do both? What do you prefer? I enjoy the rush from riding a motorcycle and the freedom to put the bike wherever I want(like passing cars who don’t move over😈). I also enjoy the corner speeds I can achieve in my car which makes me faster in my car over my bike. #adeyemi #adeysworld #agvrider #dainesecrew #pirellimoto #ach #rider #driver 📷 @ayy__vee

Being fast and safe in the canyons is an art. You have to paint a line between the white and yellow line that allows you to carry good corner speed, but also allows for correction if need be. If you’re committing to a corner as if you’re on a race track, then you’re most likely not going to be able to pickup the bike fast enough to make a correction if there’s an obstacle in your way. I prefer not to go ballistic on the straights just incase a animal decides to shoot across the road. I’m in it for the corners, that’s where I get my thrills. These two guys ahead of me who I didn’t know surprised me after the third corner when they went ballistic on the straights. I was like oh it’s gonna that kinda party...I matched their pace for the footage but I don’t normally ride this fast when I’m by myself. You’ll see the danger of riding this hard when we go around that cyclist mid corner. It takes the skill set of a A group rider to make these corrections. If you know you’re a B group rider then your pace should be substantially slower than this. The problem in the canyons is that I see a lot of B group riders trying to ride at A group pace. Which leads to errors they can’t correct, like lane crossing mid corner. Please be aware of self and keep your ego in check. If I ever come across someone I can’t follow safely, I back off immediately. Use your better judgment, be aware of self. (2013 video clip) #adeysworld #adeyemi #bikelife #fastlaneindividual #r1 #panigale #cbr1000rr #pirellimoto

Finish this joke: “A R8, a S2000 and a M3 enter the a canyon...” Best punchline gets to ride shotgun with me to @newcombs__ranch on Sunday. @tosinabasi @s2fast #achtaxi #adeysworld #adeyemi #fastlaneindividual #keepup #R8 #s2000 #m3 #bmwmrepost #bmwm #bmw_world_ua

Happy Wheelie Wednesday✌🏽 #adeysworld #adeyemi #bikelife #wheelie #wheeliewednesday 📷 @sheraisrad

Ride3 or real life? Who’s looking forward to playing the new game? I’m excited for the new graphics, new tracks and livery editor. #adeysworld #adeyemi #ride3 #bikelife #r1 #r6 #keepup

Hey guys, I participated in the contest organized by @ridevideogame, you can win some fantastic prizes, including a trip for two to Italy in the Ducati Factory!
To participate, simply follow the @ridevideogame page, search for the post dedicated to the contest and write in a comment "What being a biker really means to you". For me, being a biker allows me to express who I truly am..a fastlane individualist.✊🏽 #adeysworld #adeyemi #ride3 #bikelife 📷 @shutter_smack

I shot a cool short vid with @nickvandervegt and @spicoleynicole recently. Go check it out on Nick’s YouTube channel.🤘🏽 #Adeyemi #adeysworld #bmw #bmwm #m3 #bbs #fastlaneindividual #bmwrepost #bmw_world_ua

Triple digit pass by M3.😬 I don’t know who these guys are, but I like how they drive.😏 #Adeyemi #adeysworld #cars #m3 #bmwm #audi #r8 #lamborghini #performante #ferrari #f12berlinetta #driver #bmwmrepost #bmwrepost

I wanna play Sheriff for the weekend. Get a custom @daineseofficial suit in Sheriff colors and get matching bodywork for the R1. So I can legally hunt down all you lil wanna be fast guys.🤣 Make my daily ticket quota before lunch.😎 All jokes aside, these guys are cool as a fan. If you see them up at @newcombs__ranch give a nod. They’re people too. #adeyemi #adeysworld #ach #bikelife #badboys 📷🙋🏽‍♂️

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