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Idled Hands  50 Miles of Bad Road

“See myself when I see my friends
They make sure that I ain’t lost the real
Lost at sea or lost in thought
I give a fuck if I ever lost a deal
Hungry to see me be me like I lost a mil”

“Make his own brother face his back, give love then take it back.”

“When I burn your paragraph down to a haiku, tootsie roll motherfuck back to your seat cause I don’t like you”

“It’s a secret society
All we ask is trust
All we got is us” ♥️ #happyanniversary

“I'll pick you over getting smacked and getting cash.
I'll stick with you forever, that's forever facts” ♥️ #happyanniversary

“You smell like the summertime, finer than a glass of wine.“ ♥️ #happyanniversary

“I know you wish I would fade away
But I got more to say, Lord they pray.”

“don’t worry about people in my face
I hit ’em with the style and grace, and watch their ankles break”

“Ain’t got no name, ain’t got no fancy education
But I can see right through, a powdered face on a painted fool”

“And now you got me right beside ya
Hoping you listen
I catch you paying attention”

“I’m a New Yorkian, I’m fucked from the jump. I wear my yankee so tilted I actually walk with a hunch.”

“Everybody rockin’ Jordans can’t fly”

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