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Deasy Amrin  I post RANDOM shots of interesTHINGS in this beautiful at-a-glance living world. prefer simple edit than a glossy one. ♥ Indonesia|♥ to travel

"I'm in heaven, I have the best mama ever ♥️" ~Keeva Harris, 2017

'I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake' ~Lewis Black #coffee #baby

earth is shaking
don't be scared
you were born to walk
so that you could run
you were born to fall
so that you could stand up strong
sometimes you gotta bleed
so you can feel your skin
you were born to win

macet pulang kantor juga cuy.. ☺

when life gives you green tea waffle...

colorful dinner with Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta 3 friends 😘

...but seriously

life is like a cup of tea
it's all in how you make it

latah kekinian:
my #2015bestnine

a cloud does not know
why it moves in just such a direction
and at such a speed,
it feels an impulsion
this is the place to go now

but the sky knows the reason
and the patterns behind all clouds

and you will know, too
when you lift yourself high enough
to see beyond horizons ~Richard Bach

@ Umahori Station, Kameoka